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  1. awesomeone22's Avatar
    Thank you everyone but this is just a twist to the ongoing fantasy evolution of TNA Wrestling. Lucas thank you very much posting a new one now
  2. Harperson's Avatar
    One of the worst written, ill thought out and idiotic scenarios ever, and I do indeed mean ever! It is full of spelling mistakes, "typos" and grammatical nonsense. If you want people to read what you have to write, please put the effort into what it is you would like people to read. Otherwise, when you release your next blog people will associate your previous writing with it and not bother to look.
  3. abacabb138's Avatar
    Not to be needlessly critical, but this is not how you construct a business model. Another issue is a company going public just a week after a major acquisition. That just wouldn't happen. There would be a far better chance of going public, then making that acquisition. However, TNA does not have the kind of international distribution, licensing, or exposure for that matter, to make an IPO even remotely beneficial to the company. I also don't see a successful business integration between ROH and TNA at this time. There are several financial decisions TNA could make to make their product more successful, but with the losses the company has seen, those investments just aren't going to happen. However, going public would not be one of those beneficial decisions at this point.
  4. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    Love the blog.
  5. A.C. Sativa's Avatar
    I know this is just a fantasy thing, but ROH is the only promotion I really care about anymore, if TNA bought them out I'd probably quit watching wrestling altogether, at least until WWE starts running things like an actual wrestling company again.
  6. awesomeone22's Avatar
    Thanks for your thoughts guys and this is a on going series I will discusse these matters in future blogs
  7. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    "Keeping TNA the company name is simple it is known around the world"
    "ROH has a fan base but its not globe like Impact Wrestling is"

    First I wouldn't go as far to say this as you had in your blog. TNA has not been to alot of arena's selling out events globel. Second of all TNA can' afford to move to bigger arena's or pay there stars bigger money. Where do you think they are going to get the money to buy ROH. If anything I look for WWE to buy out ROH or even TNA down the road.
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