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  1. TNA Business Model Part II

    Hello again folks in last weeks edition I looked at TNA going into major venues for PPV events and got many questions on how this would be done well this week I will gladly explain how things will become.

    December 3rd 2012 Game Changer

    President Andy Barton of TNA wrestling along with Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Jarrett is in a conference office at the TNA ...
  2. WWE Main Event on Ion Telvison Review 10/10/12

    The shows starts the same as last weeks permerie with the Miz and Micheal Cole standing in the ring welcoming you to WWE Main Event on Ion Television. Right away the Miz and Cole get to the matter at hand the main event Randy Orton vs The Big Show. We get another great video package highlighting Big Shows career followed by a per match interview from the Big Show. Next is a video highlighting Randy ...
  3. Introducing TNA new business model

    With recent actives in TNA wrestling as of Late I would like to discuss how there Pay-Per-View schedule should look for the year of 2012 and beyond. You will notice that I have subtracted the Pay-Per-Views that generate the lowest buyrate in the year. TNA now have a revamped Pay-Per-View schedule with eight events per hear which is a way better schedule to work off of also I would like to address ...
  4. WWE State Of The Union Adress PipeBomb Heard Around The World

    This is my very first blog here so bare with me as far as the spelling and wording and such goes this is just a small review of what I thought of raw hope you enjoy

    Vince McMahon and CM Punk Prom

    What a great way to bring back some ratting I am actulley looking forward to this match and the story-telling that will take place. Even better was the promo to set up the match great ...

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