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  1. rya666's Avatar
    Hey Bro this is awesome have you seen the be the booker section of this website you would be a perfect fit for it in my opinion
  2. Haralumbi's Avatar
    Thanks mate, appreciated!
  3. TTZT's Avatar
    Would be an amazing raw, good job
  4. Cross's Avatar
    You are definetly a master mind. I enjoy how every promo is completely believeable with the character in place as well as how deep and legit they are. Plus the matches are definetly different from what WWE usually gives. One day, WWE Creative Team is going to read your blog on a series like this and completely plagerize it cause they are really well done. Enjoy the effort. Keep it up
  5. smellmycooking's Avatar
    Keep going with this. Lots of effort put into a really good blog. Pity wwe creative don't have your initiative!
  6. joebro's Avatar
    Great blog, thats a RAW i would enjoy
  7. Cross's Avatar
    I can tell you put a heck load of work and effort into this. Definetly a better Raw then most. Really thought out and I enjoyed reading and imagining it happen. You allowed not only the WWE Title feud progress, but also the world title, tag team and ic title. You should continue due to the things off your blog. I am not much of a blogger so not really any criticism except maybe promos from others then CM Punk. Again good read
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