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King MC

  1. Talking Smack: Cena, Cena Cena

    Another episode of Smackdown has come and gone, which means it’s now time to start Talking Smack!

    The Standout

    There were a few things that stood out to me on this week’s episode. The first being the unification of Team Hell No. Finally, they are on the same page. All it took was them to get beat down by the Shield on Raw.

    The second thing that stood ...
  2. Talking Smack: Sheamus Gone Wild

    When the second best match of the evening is a Diva’s tag match, that means you’re probably watching Smackdown, which means it’s time to start Talking Smack.

    The Standout

    Speaking of talking smack, the standout this week was me. I win this award for being able to sit through this entire week’s episode and still have the strength ...
  3. Talking Smack: Kane & Bryan, Bigshow, More!

    Another week of the WWE’s “B-Show” is in the books, which means it is time to start Talking Smack!

    The Standout

    Believe it or not, but the thing that stood out the most to me was the opening segment of Miz TV. First off, the Miz was killing it on the mic. His comment to Daniel Bryan of “I bet your friends at the betting zoo think ...

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  4. Talking Smack #2

    Welcome one and all to the latest Talking Smack, the wrestling blog in which we attempt to break down this week’s Smackdown.

    The Standout

    This week’s standout has got to go to JBL on commentary. He does his job extremely well. There were a few times that I found myself paying more attention to the commentary than the actual match. Even though he’s a heel commentator, ...
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  5. Talking Smack #1

    Welcome to Talking Smack #1. This is where I will be discussing the latest episode of Smackdown. There are a few blogs that focus on Raw, Impact, and even the Pay-Per-Views, but none that continually are dedicated to Smackdown. Here’s hoping that we change all that. There will be a learning curve for this as I try to see what works and what needs improvements. Let’s get in to it.

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