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  1. Kaisered's Avatar
    I do like your views on all 3 companies, and I will not bash you because you criticize any of them. I watch all 3 of the promotions because I love to see all faces of wrestling. Yes ROH has awesome in-ring action but not in depth characters as WWE or TNA. WWE has the characters but the wrestling although improving is still lackluster. TNA I will like to say is the combination of both W and E, but it is not the best combination that it could be. Give TNA and ROH 5-10 more years maybe even 15 then it would be reasonable to begin comparing the companies. TNA and ROH despite having a better wrestling product than WWE are still Indies by comparing the Entertainment value that WWE has.
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    It's easy to stay on top if you have BY FAR started with the most money and most other resources (what 5 TV shows now??) that doesn't necessarily mean you're doing a good job at creating a good product.

    ROH has to do what it does because it doesn't have the time to make people care. However, you know they are doing something right because many of the big time WWE and TNA wrestlers today had their start in ROH...CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, etc. and continue to employ amazing wrestlers.

    TNA is frustrating for a number of reasons but they are too reactionary. They try things out decide hey this isn't working and change direction too quickly. What were they on Monday nights for like 2 weeks? The ratings didn't go up so they ditched it very quickly. They also frustratingly have not picked a "the guy" and promoted him the way they have done with a Cena. Samoa Joe easily could be the #1 star in any promotion including WWE. I also actually wish TNA had more MOMENTS that you could be talking about the next day.

    They all have problems but all have their merits too. Just don't be a hater and bash another company out of some stupid loyalty to the company that is your favorite.
  3. Heavy's Avatar
    You cannot compare ECW to ANY wrestling companies of today. Because no offense but ECW wasn't really wrestling more of an extreme entertainment show. And WWE started off the way ROH and TNA did but it has decades of more experience than the other two. They worked to be number one and that's why they are. Yes ROH is great pure wrestling because that's what they call themselves, WWE is into entertainment which involves a whole lot more. TNA is working their way on to the map slowly but ROH is just wrestling which is why it's where it is but it's still great
  4. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    Say what you want about WWE, but they are the number one wrestling company today. Now people can say that's because they have the money to spend or they have been around longer then TNA or ROH. Well that money came from some place and that place is the fans that buy PPV's, t-shirts and all kinds of WWE branded crap. There is a reason WWE has been around for a long time, fans still tune in to watch (not as much as before) allowing WWE to continue to be on top.

    TNA comes so close to going bigger then they are, then they make mistakes. Hogan and Dixie are holding TNA down and one day they will bring it down to the point where there is no more TNA.

    ROH can become big, they just need the right people to bring it mainstream. I'm sure one day it will happen until then a smaller company like ROH is in a good place. They don't over due tv time so it leaves people wanting more.
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