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    OH, and also, thanks very much for sharing your thoughts Dubs. Even though we don't see eye to eye on WWE, it's still always fun to discuss the wrestling business with intelligent folks, so thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to discuss it with me.
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    I didn't mean that ROH doesn't care about creating exciting storylines, because I think that deep down they do. The point I was trying to make is that they don't HAVE many exciting storylines. The majority of their matches boil down to "this guy hates this guy" or "here's 2 greats going one on one", there's just not enough story there. I couldn't agree more with you, Steen/Generico was brilliance, and I also agree that Delirious should be able to really help ROH reach new levels.

    I'm not sure I'm totally with you on your WWE thoughts though. Let's take what you said about Daniel Bryan. If I'm really going to be picky, I'd argue that it wasn't his wrestling ability that got him over, it was the fact that his "YES!" chant caught lightning in a bottle. WWE saw the potential to sell a hundred thousand t-shirts off of this guy, and that's likely why he got such a spotlight.

    However, Bryan is an amazing wrestler, and despite WHY he got a push, let's look at what that push has really been all about. Some amazing matches with CM Punk? No doubt, that Over the Limit match was easily one of the 5 best matches of the year. But what has he done since those classics with Punk? An awkward 3 way feud over AJ, then now he does... what exactly? Gets squashed by Big Show? Bryan is really the point I was trying to make. He's one of the best wrestlers working today, and yet he's used primarily in comedy skits and mediocre tag matches.

    You mention Cesaro, someone who I agree has a ton of potential. They may be impressed with his wrestling ability, so why not let him showcase it? Is a 4 minute squash against Justin Gabriel the type of great wrestling we want to see? Is a 2 minute mauling of Brodus Clay the best way to showcase Cesaro's talent?

    WWE has the resources and the ability to create magic. They've proven it time and again. Punk vs Jericho at Wrestlemania, Bryan vs Punk at Over the Limit, heck, even though I don't love Cena, I thought Cena vs Punk at Night of Champions was greatness. The problem is, that greatness comes far too infrequently for WWE. The number of truly amazing matches they put forth on a monthly basis is far less than what it should be. That doesn't mean they don't do great wrestling, it just means they don't do nearly enough of it.
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    I don't agree with the notion of ROH caring little about creating exciting storylines. Kevin Steen vs El Generico was the best storyline in 2010. Another exciting storyline they produced was Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards in their match-up at Best in the World 2011. It's not that they don't care about producing great storylines, it's because Jim Cornette is so out of touch these days when it comes to booking storylines and when Kevin Steen and Davey Richards both say hes outdated and needs to retire, then that's a problem. Now that Delirious has replaced Cornette as head booker, maybe ROH will improve again and their Glory By Honor PPV was a step in the ring direction.

    As for WWE not caring enough about the wrestling side of things, I don't agree with that either. Take Daniel Bryan for example. The WWE have been high on Daniel Bryan because of his wrestling ability and they were also impressed with his match with CM Punk at Over The Limit. They even let them work another match with one another at Money in the Bank based on the rave reviews their match at Over The Limit got. Although he may be in a comedy skit with Kane as the tag team champions, his amazing wrestling ability along with his great heel persona is something that got him over in the first place. They are even impressed with Antonio Cesaro because of his wrestling ability and he doesn't even have a gimmick right now.

    WWE may be about entertainment but they have given us the best matches this year and if they didn't care about giving us an awesome match to see, we wouldn't have seen CM Punk and Chris Jericho wrestle at Wrestlemania 28 and we wouldn't have seen CM Punk and Daniel Bryan put on a MOTY performance at Over The Limit either.
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    Thanks everyone for the great thoughts and feedback. It's nice to know that wrestling fans can have intelligent discussion about wrestling, and I greatly enjoyed reading everything you all had to say about my first blog.
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    The reason ROH is awful and not popular beyond a cult following is that they have basically no characters. Anyone who acts like wrestling without a defined, interesting character is kidding themselves. Kevin Steen is a generic big, angry tweener. Davey Richards is the most bland wrestler in the world today. Every ROH wrestler nowadays is the exact same: lots of kicks, not a lot of selling, no psychology, and way too much "OMGchainwrestling". They were quite good when they had Punk, Danielson, Joe, Styles, etc. But they have gone severely down hill.

    Brutal honesty here, because I know a lot of the IWC is pro-ROH and my opinion isn't popular, but I feel that the only reason people will put up with these spotmonkeys is because they are trying to be different for the sake of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heavy
    You cannot compare ECW to ANY wrestling companies of today. Because no offense but ECW wasn't really wrestling more of an extreme entertainment show. And WWE started off the way ROH and TNA did but it has decades of more experience than the other two. They worked to be number one and that's why they are. Yes ROH is great pure wrestling because that's what they call themselves, WWE is into entertainment which involves a whole lot more. TNA is working their way on to the map slowly but ROH is just wrestling which is why it's where it is but it's still great

    Im not trying to bring the hate or anything here, in terms of the actual product, indeed ROH and ECW have plenty of differences but in terms of their existance and their place in the industry, they are nearly the exact same company, with the exact same issues.

    A niche company that has a product that only appeals to a certain number of people. I remember when i first started dating my fiancee (dear god), and thinking, she can deal with WWE, but she's got to like ROH, it looks far more legit and the matches are nuts, just constant action. Well she watched it and was bored to DEATH.

    Anyways, both companies also cant really translate their product to TV, ECW couldnt showcase the violence and the like that they wanted to on TNN. Meanwhile with ROH, their product has a lot of trouble also because its all about the wrestling, and its difficult to really get into a half hour-45 minute match, when its being interrupted with commercials about lawfirms and car dealerships.

    Also both companies were "#3 companies" and their rosters are constantly being pillaged by the "big #2", really using this term loosely when referring to Impact. but ROH and and ECW both served as breeding grounds. But much like Benoit, Guerrero, jericho, Austin, Foley, tazz and raven, you see today, Aries, Bryan, Styles, Joe, Cesaro, Daniels, Ohno, Rollins and some guy named Punk or something. While the list below pales in comparison to the list above, in a few years, that will be different.

    Whenever i think of ROH I cant help but always comparing them to ECW, while youre correct, the product is very different, i think in most other aspects, they are very very very similar
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    Great Fxckin Blog !!! you hit it rite on the head my guy!!
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