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  1. azure's Avatar
    thing is with this match the result could go in any manner of directions. But the way I see it happening realistically so punk keeps the title and ryback stays undefeated is a draw but that scenario has already happened with punk and cena.

    There really are so many variables to consider here, many of which u guys have already clued in:
    *brock lesnar works with paul hayman, so brock could come in to screw ryback out of victory OR he could end up helping ryback win, not that I see this happening but i'm trying to think of every possible angle. (consider it being a revenge rift since heyman has been managing punk and is feeling like he's been ditched for the gold).

    *A suprise twist could be someone unexpected that could screw either competitor here: ala goldberg/matt morgan as mentioned previously. However say goldberg would return: the implications of that are as follows:
    *the roof in the building will explode
    *with goldberg back could kill rybacks monster push OR he could screw punk saying us 'monsters' have got to stick together in support of ryback OR he screws punk just so ryback can get the gold, just so goldberg can say 'YOUR NEXT!' and then spear ryback.

    *John Cena: regardless if hes healing or not he's going to be involved somehow. He's vinces little bitch so he has to be thrown in there someway. Maybe to screw punk out of the championship OR mega swerve, screw ryback out of the title gaining him mega heat, turning him heel since the fans are really into ryback (from what ive seen they are) and then alligning with punk, heyman, lesnar making a new faction in the E.

    I say this because I remember a while back on raw someone mentioned 'that in hell in a cell, that match changes you, changes your career, (think it was foley). Could be used as an angle to turn cena heel.

    I like ryback and yea I like cm punk too. Punk maybe billed as the 'heel' but lets face it, he's not. He's just a guy speaking his mind, never being the 'white hat' he's never claimed to be. But since he's rolling with heyman and heyman is one hell of a heel manager, it makes punk a heel too, NOT that I don't mind.

    Here's the skinny: Remember when heyman told lesnar that he was making some poor choices back in his run in the WWE? And that he lesnar wouldn't listen to him? If I remember correctly this ended up with Paul turning on brock and alligning himself with the big show.

    I've noticed this same trend recently when punk was told not to fight vince and yet he still did against heymans pleas. I have a feeling its going this way again.

    Other then that, they'd have to knock each other out to keep ryback undefeated and punk the champ still. Argh, see? too many variables!
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Ryback n Punk match starts they'll have some solid action..then Heyman opens up the cell...Punk tries to walk out of it...then, Ryback delivers a Clothesline from hell or what ever he calls that move...then suddenly out of no where BluePrint Matt Morgan comes n delivers a Carbon Foot print and then delivers an F5..n allows Punk to cover Ryback....then Morgan delivers a carbon foot print on Cena n says on mic "hahahaha shocked?? shocked huh!!???The real question is......who am I with?? Time will tell...Tick-Tock Tick-Tock"

    Punk watches him with utter disbelief..:P

    I know it will not happen n Morgan is signed with TNA (at least as per the news here) but I think that would be great...
  3. King MC's Avatar
    I love that others have been thinking the exact same thing as I have. Ryback winning this early would bring unpredictability back that's for sure, however it would mean that anyone could have this title without really earning it. If he loses then this entire build up that they've been doing with him is null and void.

    I agree with Vondraco, I think something could, and more than likely, will happen to Ryback prior to the Hell in a Cell match which will make Cena the default #1 contender.
  4. Vondraco's Avatar
    I proposed a slightly different ending in my blog entry last week. What if Punk just leaves? Heyman somehow opens the cage and he and Punk exit the arena, jump in a car and drive away. Ryback doesn't win because you can only win by pinfall or submission (no countout, no DQ, no 'exiting the cage' win), and he doesn't lose for the same reason (thus his undefeated streak is intact). I've checked around on the various sites and there does not seem to be any explanation of what happens in this scenario.

    There are MANY things that could happen as a result of this. Would they just throw the match out? Would they strip the title from Punk? Would Punk again leave the WWE claiming that he never lost his title so is still champ and we have a replay from last time? Would the match continue indefinitely with Ryback trying to get Punk to a referee and pin him somehow? That would damn sure get the IWC and social media fans buzzing -- and tuning into Raw to get the official decision.

    It's still not 100% certain that the match will even take place. I mean, we're still a week away; lots of time for Ryback to be taken out by Punk. Then Cena steps in as challenger and wins despite his injured status somehow. That depends, of course, on whether Cena is legitimately cleared to wrestle or not.
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  5. Roc Away's Avatar
    Your thoughts mirror mine. WWE has (by chance) created a match where no one is quite sure which outcome to expect. Cena-Punk at MITB last year and Cena-Rock at WM28 aroused similar feelings. But there's something extra about Ryback-Punk, and it isn't good. It is that when we cast our minds to the possible outcomes (as you did well in the blog), no one likes any of them! A clean win by either man won't be good. Nor is a run-in going to be that awesome unless its... ...Goldberg? A Brock return would elicit great cheers at first but then the IWC will likely slam it and claim it was predictable all along.

    Part of me thinks that its best if we just suspend disbelief and not take it so seriously, and just watch to see what happens. Overthinking has ruined wrestling at some point or other for all of us, right?

    Personally, I hope its an awesome interference that leaves us with jaws dropped and anticipating whatever comes next. Like the Undertaker, or another big gun that is not Cena (it shouldn't be Kevin Nash again, too). We need the kind of 3-way storylines that were used to great effect in the Attitude Era, something different from the generic face-heel showdowns that we've been served for many years.
  6. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by flamhoff
    I didn't mean that ROH doesn't care about creating exciting storylines, because I think that deep down they do. The point I was trying to make is that they don't HAVE many exciting storylines. The majority of their matches boil down to "this guy hates this guy" or "here's 2 greats going one on one", there's just not enough story there. I couldn't agree more with you, Steen/Generico was brilliance, and I also agree that Delirious should be able to really help ROH reach new levels.
    I do think ROH used to have many exciting storylines back when Gabe was writing for them. Way better storylines than the WWE at the time but like I said, it boiled down to Jim Cornette's outdated booking which is why ROH doesn't have many exciting storylines today but hopefully that will change since Delirious is the head booker.

    I'm not sure I'm totally with you on your WWE thoughts though. Let's take what you said about Daniel Bryan. If I'm really going to be picky, I'd argue that it wasn't his wrestling ability that got him over, it was the fact that his "YES!" chant caught lightning in a bottle. WWE saw the potential to sell a hundred thousand t-shirts off of this guy, and that's likely why he got such a spotlight.
    While true, the fans were chanting 'Yes!' chants BECAUSE of his amazing wrestling ability. He has always had a cult following because of his wrestling ability even when he went to the WWE. The WWE saw that they could market his Yes chants but they also saw him as a main eventer the way he worked his matches with amazing story-telling in it. In his match with CM Punk at Over The Limit, the crowd was pro-D-Bry all night because of him showcasing his amazing technical wrestling skills.

    However, Bryan is an amazing wrestler, and despite WHY he got a push, let's look at what that push has really been all about. Some amazing matches with CM Punk? No doubt, that Over the Limit match was easily one of the 5 best matches of the year. But what has he done since those classics with Punk? An awkward 3 way feud over AJ, then now he does... what exactly? Gets squashed by Big Show? Bryan is really the point I was trying to make. He's one of the best wrestlers working today, and yet he's used primarily in comedy skits and mediocre tag matches.
    Those storylines led us to a solid Triple Threat match between Kane, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan at No Way Out, a great NO DQ match between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk at Money in the Bank, and a solid match between Daniel Bryan and Kane at Summerslam. I'm sure Kane and Daniel Bryan's tag team title reign (despite being a comedy tag team) will give us a solid match-up between other great teams like Team Rhodes Scholars.

    You mention Cesaro, someone who I agree has a ton of potential. They may be impressed with his wrestling ability, so why not let him showcase it? Is a 4 minute squash against Justin Gabriel the type of great wrestling we want to see? Is a 2 minute mauling of Brodus Clay the best way to showcase Cesaro's talent?
    His squash matches let him showcase his wrestling ability which is why WWE Officials are high on him. His match with Brodus Clay was short but it let him showcase his strength in that match. I'm sure they are going to let him work more than a 6 minute match but the reason why hes put in these 4-2 minute squash matches is because they are trying to make him a dominant United States champion.

    WWE has the resources and the ability to create magic. They've proven it time and again. Punk vs Jericho at Wrestlemania, Bryan vs Punk at Over the Limit, heck, even though I don't love Cena, I thought Cena vs Punk at Night of Champions was greatness. The problem is, that greatness comes far too infrequently for WWE. The number of truly amazing matches they put forth on a monthly basis is far less than what it should be. That doesn't mean they don't do great wrestling, it just means they don't do nearly enough of it.
    I do think WWE does a pretty good job balancing out the entertainment and wrestling side of things. They may have comedy skits and squash matches but they do deliver by giving us awesome wrestling matches.
  7. Speezy88's Avatar
    I love your blog. I think you hit it exactly right on the head about each company and what their strenths and weaknesses are. A lot of this info holds true. I’ve just recently starting getting into ROH and I’ve done research and seen guys like Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan back when he was Bryan Danielson and others and I gotta say they have crept up to being my number 2 show behind TNA. I watch all three and I love WWE, but it’s like you said it’s too much attention on storyline and not enough action. When was it the last time that on TV you had a match go longer than like 5-10 minutes and it not be on a PPV in WWE? It’s kinda says a lot when a female who doesn’t watch wrestling sits and watches an episode of RAW and says, “Why do you watch this? It’s like watching a male soap opera.”
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