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  1. Kickout Fatigue: Turning Point Predictions

    I was surprised to see that no one had done a predictions blog for tonight's Turning Point ppv, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and do one myself. I will say up front, I'm actually pretty excited for this card. TNA has brought together some quality matches for tonight's show.

    The character of Joseph Park is a lot of fun, but I'm not sure he ...
  2. Kickout Fatigue: The Ryback Conundrum

    For the most part, I've enjoyed the meteoric rise of Ryback. After the 20th squash match where he did the same 3 moves it got a bit old, but all along I've been pretty captivated by this beastly wrestler and the path of destruction he's been blazing across the WWE.

    Seeing him catapulted into a main even situation against CM Punk was pretty shocking to me. Obviously, WWE is high on ...
  3. Kickout Fatigue: A look at ROH, WWE, & TNA

    Any fan of pure, absolute wrestling should be watching Ring of Honor. Not since the incredible ECW product of the late 90's has there been a collection of such amazing, pure, talent rich wrestling going on for us to enjoy.

    Of course, after watching a replay of the recent ROH ippv, Glory by Honor XI, I was struck by a thought. While ROH inarguably contains the best wrestling, it is ...

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