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  1. kylos's Avatar
    I like this blog. It clearly outlines some of the greatest HIAC matches, and even includes the latest one. Lets hope the CM Punk vs Ryback is an instant classic as well.
  2. RavenEffect's Avatar
    Great list man, you've got all the good ones on here except for maybe Nash and HHH. Then again Mick Foley took all the big bumps in that match so yeah it was kinda disappointing.

    Great to see you put the WM28 cell match in there. The people that say that match doesn't count as HIAC because they "didn't use the cell" are fucking clueless. This was one of the great matches in WWE history because of the story they told and the sheer brutality of what two men who shouldn't be in the ring anymore did to each other, especially with those chairshots. Undertakers back speaks for itself.

    It pisses me off when people bitch about them "not using the cell" because we will never see anyone "use" the cell" like Foley did, mainly because nobody will ever be like Foley, we have PG programming now, and it's a completely different cell. It's massive now, and nobody is going to fall off or through it anytime soon. I almost feel like they made it bigger so nobody would ever try to top the things that Foley did and wind up killing themselves.

    Great to see you put HHH vs. Jericho on here, it really is one of the most underrated. I think the finish kinda ruined the match because nobody knew you were allowed to win on top of the cage (I still don't think you are, I feel like they kinda just said fuck it let's run with it) but it was still a great match.

    Great list man!
  3. The Royal Ramble's Avatar
    I fixed it lol.
  4. Vondraco's Avatar
    Look up "threw" and "through." Not the same word. Still, the list brings back some good memories, so thanks!
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I fully agree with you in that Undertaker should not wrestle anymore. No more matches. Show up now and again for nostalgia, but no more matches. They're not needed. Undertaker vs Anybody would suck. He was slow, and had a tired man's gut, in his last match vs HHH. And Brock is a disgrace. I see no need for that match. Maybe a HHH vs Brock rematch where HHH wins and sends Brock away for good.

    I don't see, nor do I wanna see, Mick Foley again.

    I think using Jericho in a tag team would suck. He can do better than that.

    I love your build up to the Wrestlemania main event. However, you made a statement in there about how Punk can be the face of WWE. If that is indeed the case, I think they need to go in another direction with how they handle him. So far, he's just not a big time draw anywhere outside of Chicago and the small internet fan base. And for what I've seen, he's basically a whiner and pretty much ripping off Bobby Roode's heel character when he won the title. Whining. Crying. Demands Respect. How many days he's been champ. Whoa is Me...yada yada yada.

    Decent preliminary Wrestlemania blog. I noticed you didn't have Kane, Big Show, or Randy Orton listed anywhere.
  6. The Royal Ramble's Avatar
    Ok take away the two out of three falls match and that's only two matches with stipulation. Remember the really good Manias like 17, 22, 15, etc they had multiple match stipulations. WrestleMania is the grandest stage of em all! You need some matches like this. The themed ppvs really hurt the WWE in my eyes and I hate it bc it takes away the speculation of when the next match types will be.

    Foley on the other hand if he wants one more match this would be the only one that makes sense. He may get inducted into the Hall of Fame and that would be perfect for him.

    Lesnar and Taker is a toss up. It could be terrible but could be good.

    I do like your idea of Y2J and Bryan but Bryan should be wrestling for a title in my eyes.

    Rock vs Cena again would be stupid and predicable. The last match was built as "Once in a Lifetime" so I don't think they should wrestle each other again. It's time for Cena to pass the torch to someone else. But who? I'd say Punk but I can see that failing.

    WrestleMania deserves to have multiple matches sometimes bc it's WrestleMania. Having a bland every other day PPV/RAW type match takes away the value of how great it could be.
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Don't like how you add a gimmick to every single match. Who would want to see HHH vs Foley? Foley can barely get around the ring to begin with. He hasn't been an active wrestler in years. At least HHH actually wrestles matches and is in shape. I don't want to see HHH vs Foley. Rivalry they had 12 years ago was great, but to have them face again is foolish. Rather see young guns face vets rather than have these stupid rematches.

    However, Brock vs Taker intrigues me.

    So you have 6 main events or is this the card?

    Mysterio vs Cara 1 should be good enough. Why do we need 3 falls of a botch fest led by Sin Cara? You really want to see him compete in 3 matches? Mask factor if you were to use it should be saved for Extreme Rules. Same with the rest of these specialty matches. Of course HHH vs Taker at WM in HIAC was made because they were just going to wrestle at Mania. Figure Cara and Mysterio will have more than one match. Especially since he is active.

    Rock vs Cena 2 is what I want for Cena to get the W. I'm not a huge Cena fan, but I thought the main man should have got the W the first time. I'd like to see Punk fued with Sheamus. A top face that Punk really never fueded with before. That intrigues me.

    Daniel Bryan vs Jericho with no title on the line intrigues me. Reminds me of the old Benoit days.

    If I had my say, Ziggler would cash in the MITB on the new crowned champion at WM to get him major heat for ruining the celebration. Similar to what Punk did to Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules in 09.

    PTP vs Kidd/Gabriel for the tag titles should be good enough.
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