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  1. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    So, if you wrote RAW 1000, Dolph Ziggler would team up with Zack Ryder, Stone Cold would possibly be involved in a pointless heel turn, Jericho jobs out to Bret Hart needlessly,sledgehammers galore, and Ric Flair vs Mick Foley is booked for Summerslam?

    That sounds terrible.

    Like, really terrible.
  2. weems's Avatar
    First and foremost, I don't like that WWE had Del Rio win the belt on a taped version of Smackdown and I am even more disappointed that they spoiled it on It completely ruined the "element of surprise" which in my opinion, is the most exciting thing about pro wrestling.
    However, I understand why WWE did this. I will usually watch Smackdown when they do a live version on Tuesday and used to always watch many years ago when it was on Thursdays. However, I have not watched Smackdown on Friday in about a year and I am sure I am not alone. Face it, I don't care if you are a 10 year that the WWE machine caters their product to, an elder that who grew up watching in the territory era or any age in between, you most likely have something better to do on Friday nights than watch a TV program. However, knowing ahead of time that the Rock was going to be on and that a title change was going to occur, I recorded the show and watched it Saturday morning. I am guessing I was not the only person that set their DVR or stay home on Friday. All in all, WWE probably got more viewers to tune in than usual.
  3. lucky7pointman's Avatar
    It was going to be live of raw but rio have fan problem so they did it on SD and wwe don't own the right of airiñg SD live or not NBC(who own USA and sci fi) does
  4. A.C. Sativa's Avatar
    The 1999 Rumble? That was by far and away the WORST one. Never mind the fact that Vince won (and that's reason enough to make it the worst one), but the rest of the match sucked too. Way too much dead space and a pretty weak field.
  5. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    I totally forgot about how FUCKING awesome not just the Rumble match, but Wrestlemania XX in 2004 was in general. Thanks for reminding me, I miss Benoit.
  6. KingWade's Avatar
    I agree with you totally about Smackdown! Throughout the last man standing inwas just thinking, why is this match not taking place at the Rumble? Only reason i can think of is because WWE is planning Ziggler's cash-in or someone else taking the title off of Del Rio at the Rumble. Still though, as you said it definitely should of been live. It would of been awesome seeing Del Rio win without knowing before hand.

    Concerning the Rumble, my favourite was definitely 2001. Alot of good spots and story telling in that rumble match.
  7. ewantu2's Avatar
    2008? No one saw John Cena coming out.
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