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    Wrestlemania 8:
    Main Event: Hogan v Sid
    Show Stealer: Savage v Flair, Hart v Piper
    Special Moment: Savage wins the title and Ultimate Warrior returns

    This was a pretty bad wrestlemania. I was only 9 years old at the time so I was not able to realize how much of a cluster the ending of the Hogan v Sid match was. Likewise, there were some other pretty bad matches on this card. However, I was there in the audience for it so it will always be special.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Fans will cheer Dolph if he cashes in on a heel. Especially Jack Swagger.....
  3. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    I wrote this on the 12th...since then Punk was robbed again by the Pimp (MR MCMAHON) and the people's Prostitute continued to hold onto the people's struttle and make a new belt with Bull's Heads on them! Now I read that the WWE and PARA-MOUNT pictures are in bed together promoting the "Rock-stitutes new movie! Is Vince pulling the struttle or is Money, Money, Money McMahon paying for services?

    Quote Originally Posted by 5 Finger Death Punch
    I loved it! I would have loved to tune in for that show. Your ending is similar to my ending in the BLOG, "Who's Better, Cena or the Rock"...except I had the Shield giving the beat-down, with Sheamus and Ryback running in and ultimately joining the Shield to rid the Corporate Puppet(Cena) and the Prostitue(Rock) of their phony ways(Win with elbow drop and firemans carry). If those moves win titles Brad Armstrong and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine shoulda been CHAMPIONS!
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    "introduce a little anarchy" HAHAHA NO
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    Quote Originally Posted by TRICK1042
    shut the fuck up dude. You took this way too seriously! This is way better than the piece of shit product the WWE has!
    Seeing DX on Raw 1000 for about 3 minutes was better than seeing the whole gang together? Using guys who WWE obviously couldn't use....hell yea it is gonna look better on paper. In reality, I didn't want to see my fav all-time superstar on crutches on Raw 1000. You didn't even have a GM announced which turned out to be AJ. You have DX look weak having HHH go after a sledge hammer? Like he needed it with his partner in the ring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    A lot of reasons why these scenarios wouldn't work. Rock only works like 3-4 matches per year. That is issue 1. Issue #2 the new WWE belt obviously isn't ready to be on TV and the belt should be presented if you ask me if any date on the 50th anniversary of WWE title belt which day falls on Raw this year. Issue 3, TNA lawsuit wouldn't have allowed Flair to be part of the show. Issue 4, you really want Ryder to ride Ziggler's coattails going into Summerslam instead of him facing Jericho? Issue 5, 6 man elimination match on Raw? Way to keep a casual fan interested. Should just be a 6 pack challenge. Issue 6, I enjoyed the DX reunion more so the reason for XPac, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn to be part of it. Shocked by how short the segment you have.
    shut the fuck up dude. You took this way too seriously! This is way better than the piece of shit product the WWE has!
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    Again several issues as to why this couldnt happen. Stone Cold was recovering from a knee injury which is why he couldn't be part of it. You would have him out there on crutches? Stated the rest of the 1st part.
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