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    I agree with all your points...however, I do have one question. It's about your "Failing to Meet the Hype" section. Now, would you care at all, that Rock is in the main event, if CM Punk didn't complain about it on live TV? What about Stone Cold screwing Punk to set up WM 30? Would that even be a thought, if not for the falsified rumors of the internet wrestling sites? And if Stone Cold screws Punk, aren't they doing the same thing with Austin, as you claim they're dropping the ball, with the Rock?

    The reason I bring this up is because, when you say WWE dropped the ball, you seem to be looking at things not like a fan, but like an analyst. What I mean is, there's no heart, passion, or true fandom behind this blog. It's all, "what I want" or else it's dropping the ball. Basically, clear your mind of everything that you read on this and other sites, and then think about it again. Would you really care that Rock shows up 2 or 3 times a year? Do you actually expect Stone Cold to make some sort of return and fight CM Punk? And honestly, do you really want Stone Cold to fight Punk? There's an entire generation separating the two.

    Good Blog...and good write up. I enjoyed the read.
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