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    I was't that big of a fan of the Iron Man match like some people were. Constant rest that they took during the match w/arm bars, headlocks and so forth people attack Orton for. Solid top 10 list. Just change some things around. Would have Hell in a Cell higher most definately. A solid list in any case. It was pretty much a type of situation where you are like, good luck with that when thinking about all the great matches HBK had. From the way it looks, it is solid.
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    1. The whole thing about Goldust and Cody Rhodes is, The WWE doesnt have much faith in Goldust or Cody Rhodes. To the WWE it figures "Hey we got millions invested in Big Show and he is not on the Wrestlemania card" Plus they were just gonna let Goldust go anyway.... I personally hate the Big Show and would much rather see Dustin Rhodes then him at WM 28 but WWE thinks of it as Big Shows more over, They got more money and TV time invested in him. So that's probably the reason they went with the crappy Big Show feud.

    2. I don't think CM Punks character or career was hurt by not being in the main event hell I think it helped his heel character and some of those times that Punk wasn't the main event was warranted (WM 28 Rock and Cena, ER Lesnar vs Cena). But Punk isnt the first person to have this done to him. Look at Chris Benoits title run, he had no legit competition and HHH, HBK and freaking Eugene took the spot light off him completely. WWE just thinks Cena needs to be in the main event no matter what, Unless HHH is on the card.

    3. Punk being heel was the right call, Cause Punk has a face was failing and failing fast, He was like a baby Cena, He was uninteresting, Corny, Unfunny just terrible, Not the CM Punk I knew. CM Punk was lazy and unmotivated as a face (his in ring work was good but his character and promos were terrible). When CM Punk would do a promo against Big Johnny I just roll my eyes cause it was so stupid. Punk was just terrible character wise when he was a face this time around. This New Heel turn brought back that spark Punk use to have, Now I look forward to his mic Work and he is more cutting edge and interesting compared to just coming out screaming Best in the world and making this dumb stupid sarcastic remarks and smirking in his promos and showing no passion.

    4. This is not WWE's fault, The Rock blew up in the ring and totally screwed up the match where Cena had to use rest holds all the way thru to help the Rock catch his breath. The Rock came unprepared and didn't bring his A game. Rock was the one who fucked this up.... I think the WWE did a great job building this up, Look at the PPV buyrate, Highest ever for Wrestling, But if the fans knew how shitty the match was gonna be WWE would lose a good portion of its Buyrates.

    5. Jerry Lawler just had a Heart attack, Good luck turning him heel, He has the crowds sympathy... Plus you want Orton, Cena, HHH, Ryder and Lawler to turn heel? well then who the hell would be a face? just Sheamuse?. Show and Punk are Heel. The entire roster would be a heel.

    6. Listen WWE made millions in the 80's being alot more cartoony and being basically rated G. Good wrestling comes in all ratings. PG is not the WWE's problem it goes far beyond that cause before PG it wasnt in that great of shape either... I agree totally on the blood thing, They can still have Blood and be PG easily.
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    Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust; no it wouldn't have given Vince the extra dollar he craves but woulda been an excellent story to do; young brother ashamed of older brother (half-bro, close enough). No matter who champ is or how he draws or if someone else draws more, the WWE champion should ALWAYS main event pay-per-views and weekly telecasts. There is no character development anymore; i think ziggler is an awesome character; however, nothing has been done to develop it except having a 50 year old woman talk for him. Calling himself a "show-off" but never "showing off" except when he feels like doing sit ups during matches. Cody Rhodes had two great character developments but obviously wasnt making Vince the extra dollar with em so they turned him into an ordinary wrestler. I do miss the vulgarity and sexual content. And I guess The Rock had to come back cuz he makes Vince the extra dollar that neither CM Punk or Alberto Del Rio can.
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    I am going to say this one time and one time only. I will not care if someone bashes my blog and states their opinion, I have no problem with that. But what I do have a problem with is when someone tries to bash a person on here for their beliefs or something they don't believe. That's just rude and what's immature about the whole thing is that this person tried to cover up his bashing with a smart ass like "no offense." So be respectful to others on here and don't start any YouTube fights on here. If someone does try to start a fight by bashing someone else, I will modify or delete your comment all together. Start showing some respect to one another.
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    The main problem being is I don’t think Vince doesn’t really know orcare what people want to see anymore. Vince puts out his brand of sportsentertainment (wrestling) and with no real competition people are still payingto see it. TNA will not be seen ascompetition by Vince until they get out of the impact zone and go on the road.The impact zone is too small and with the same fans every week it is nowhurting the product. ROH is too small and is still classed as indy wrestling. Theonly way I see Vince changing the product is by large and I mean large numbersstop watching and paying for the shows. When the Raw and PPV ratings down,Vince will have to make a change.
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    Thanks to all you guys with these comments and support! Goldust actually retweeted this because it ended up on another website somehow. But to Vondraco, you said everything perfectly and agree with just about everything u said!

    And to Bagg, I get what mean about Bret Hart and his match and all but he had stroke. That ultimately effected his abilities to perform in the ring. Austin on the other hand showed us the night after WrestleMania 27 that he can still go and still move around pretty quickly. You have my word that Austin's match will be good, classic and epic as we will watch Austin go one last time! At least that's what I'm hoping for! And I hope that if it does happen by WM 30, then I hope that the hype leading up to the match is epic and not like how they did with Rock/Cena! But I honestly believe the match will live up to the hype!
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    Long blog entry, so I have a number of comments. As you said, just my opinion.

    First: your list of people that have been buried (McIntyre, Ryder, Hawkins, Kidd and Swagger) who could've been great. The only one I can agree with wholeheartedly is McIntyre. He had mic skills, he had in-ring skills, and dammit I (kayfabe) hated him. Ryder, I don't care for his gimmick or what he's done on the mic; if they turn him heel as you suggested and drop the LIIZ angle, then maybe. Or even keep the angle; that sort of thing is working for Robbie E over in TNA ... as a heel. Hawkins, Kidd and Swagger are good in-ring but they just don't have (apologies to Bobby Roode) the IT factor, from what I've seen of them on the mic.

    Rhodes/Goldust? Agree with you. Sheamus/Del Rio? Again agree. Tired of that already. Though lately Del Rio's work has been improving, albeit slightly. Kane/Ryder, Show/<anybody>? Agree and agree.

    Which brings us to Punk. I want to start off by agreeing with Bagg above, they brought Punk back waaaay too soon. Having Punk not main event for months and giving the spot to Cena sucked. I don't ... HATE Cena. But I have a man-crush on Punk, so even with the crap that's been their storyline lately I still root for him. WWE is trying really hard to sell him as a heel and, though you and I may disagree with them about whether that's the direction to go in, I think they're doing a decent job of it. (Better than most of their efforts, at least.)

    As for character development ... I agree, the only character that's really had much development in the past little while is Punk. (Though I disagree on it being a horrible decision.) They tried with Show a little, but ... we didn't really care. Or at least I didn't. Come to think of it, besides Punk and Show, have we really had any of the big names turn face or heel in a while? Last one recently I can remember other than them is Truth's short run as a heel, which kinda fizzled. And oh yeah Eve. DBry was too long ago.

    Finally, I just want to get picky about one comment you made: "the PG era is ruining wrestling!" Certainly it is changing wrestling. It's different today than it was several years ago. You may not like the changes, and if you don't I agree with you, I don't necessarily like the changes either. The WWE going totally PG is one of the reasons I and many other fans (ok ... a few other fans!) appreciate TNA.

    WWE wrestlers (er ... entertainers?) are really starting to become little more than cardboard cutouts. Is there ANY character in WWE, other than Punk, who really has much depth to them? The direction they're taking Punk in, however, seems to actually be trying to destroy that -- though it's not working. Other than him, what do you have? Cena is the good honest upstanding underdog. Sheamus is the rough brawler with a heart of gold. Del Rio is the Mexican aristocrat who wins at all costs. Sandow is the pompous duckhead who talks down to everyone. Cesaro is the same.

    It's like they want people to be able to describe everything there is to know about a wrestler in 10 words or less. It is a bit sad. I've heard wrestling described as "soap operas for men." Maybe WWE creative needs to watch some actual soap operas to get some ideas.
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