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  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    Whenever i get bored, i go watch montages about the sweet chin music on YouTube. He made that kick so real, damn thats what made being a kid and watching wrestling so fun.
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    Awesome read! HBK is my favorite wrestler of all-time, so I love reading these blogs about him. But on a quick not about your HBK vs Angle said you wished there rivalry continued a little while after that....well it did! Remember Angle got drafted to Raw the next month, and the two faced each other for on a remtch at Vengeance, HBK won the bout at Vengeance. Then a little bit after that they had the 30-minute Iron Man Match on Raw to see who the #1 Contender was for the WWE Championship. That was just my quick note.
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    By the way, great, well-thought out blog R Double. I don't agree with Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart's match at Wrestlemania 12 match being his best but I understand why people like it. Honestly, some parts of the match were dull but I'll admit, it was a great match nonetheless. The rest of the list I agree with. Especially Cena vs HBK's Wrestlemania 23 rematch on Raw. That was was definitely a 5 star match and way better than their Wrestlemania 23 match in my humble opinion.

    Good job man. Hope you continue writing these.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    I was't that big of a fan of the Iron Man match like some people were.
    Me neither. I found it dull even watching it live.
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    Funny that, out of the millions of top 10 blogs shitted out by this site, I've never seen one about HBK. I can't fault a blog about my favourite wrestler of all time and your little speech at the end was pretty cool man. Good read.

    -Oh btw, HBK v Jericho is so overrated... other than that I agree with the rest
  6. The Royal Ramble's Avatar
    DK said it best, wrestling has changed so much in past 15 years! I picked the Iron Man Match number one for two reasons.

    1. It's the reason why I'm such a big wrestling fan. I was 5 years old, it was my first WrestleMania I ever watched live, & that match was actually the first match I can remember sitting and watching every little bit of it! I reacted everything out on my wrestling buddy lol. If it had not been for this match, I might not have been a fan.

    2. If it wasn't for this match, then there would be no Mr. WrestleMania! This was his first world title and launched HBK into a for sure Hall of Famer! This match gave HBK all of his well-deserved nicknames and he proved, he is the greatest of all time!
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    I was't that big of a fan of the Iron Man match like some people were. Constant rest that they took during the match w/arm bars, headlocks and so forth people attack Orton for. Solid top 10 list. Just change some things around. Would have Hell in a Cell higher most definately. A solid list in any case. It was pretty much a type of situation where you are like, good luck with that when thinking about all the great matches HBK had. From the way it looks, it is solid.
    There was a lot of rest but remember, that's how wrestling was back then. There was the "testing each other out" start, followed by some "gaining control" moves, the middle would be full of wear down holds and reversals, then the end would be the big finish. That's how matches were structured back then.

    And that is exactly why it's so hard to make comparisons between wrestling then and now. the Iron Man Match is probably the best match I've ever seen. But to watch it now, after watching so much wrestling today, it would seem slow and outdated.
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