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  1. deadly56's Avatar
    Any Wrestlemania is never worth $60-$70, but more like £15
  2. Cross's Avatar
    I think the best choice for an Orton heel turn would of been Sheamus getting pinned by say Ambrose and Randy Orton RKOing Sheamus afterwards. That way the Shield can still pickup a clean victory as none of their wins have been won in some cheap, dirty fashion. Shows who the better team was.

    Although I would of liked a MITB cash in attempt, for Ziggler to go out there, cash-in and win the WHC would of been lackluster. I mean for Ziggler to lose a Wrestlemania match, and then go out there and become the WHC would not be that credible. Plus, it would have not changed the Wrestlemania thoughts from bad to great.

    And, although a Cena heel turn would of been shocking and great in a way, I just do not think it would be good for business. Though, I like the idea of Rock hitting Cena in the head with the belt.

    Thanks for the blog.
  3. The Royal Ramble's Avatar
    Not to mention this is also a "What I would have done if I was in charge" sort of thing.
  4. The Royal Ramble's Avatar
    I don't know what good points you want me to talk about? The title of the blog clearly shows that this is not a positive blog. You should have realized that going into reading this.
  5. Docdawolf's Avatar
    You know what it was a waste of money but your log was a waste as well. All you did was Bitch on what you wanted to happened. You never hit on the real good points. We all knew Cena was going to win and having the Rock there was just for Buy rate. Undertake and CM punk had no build but one hell of a match and to tell you the truth. I liked the Ryback vs Henry match two monsters with Henry winning but Ryback showing his strength.
  6. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    I totally agree, the show was boring and painfully predictable. You would think that since Vince wants us to drop $60-$70 bucks that every effort would be made to make sure that the biggest wrestling show of the year would'nt put its viewers to sleep.
  7. Cross22's Avatar
    I was at the event and pretty much agree with everything you had to say. We were maybe 20-25 rows off the ring, behind the announcers and got a good look at the lack of action for th eentire night. Punk v UT was awesome and the Rock v Cena was bland. The end was extremely disappointing b/c at no point were either men beaten to a point where either's finishing move could be considered effective. The AA on the Rock for the win was weak as the Rock was 'dominatin' leading right up to it. Overall it was nice to attend bu there were no real 'ah-ha' moments...Except for Living Colour!!!
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