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    Almost word for word how I feel regarding the state of the WWE. Spot on, and for everybody else who think they're a blogger - take heed. Spelling and grammar were top notch, and the plotline was easy to follow. Well done!
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    They have made Smackdown pointless, You don't need to watch Smackdown to see whats happening with the WH championship since most of the build happens on RAW. And also they stop making Smackdown look as good as RAW since they always show reply's of RAW on it, and RAW never plays reply's of Smackdown. Also it's not they need recaps if i missed something i can just go on youtube.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    I dislike that storyline cuz it involves old guys like Hogan who I don't care to see anymore. Make it special when a man like Hogan shows up. Don't do it weekly so it will mean nothing when he is on the show.
    I only said Aces & Eights...but everyone has their opinion...I do agree with most of what you said. I'm frustrated with Aces & Eights, because of how they handled the angle, but I think it's still the best thing going in wrestling. I youtube the Kane/Bryan segments because they're funny, but from what I read, WWE has been like plain rice, bland and tasteless.

    I fully, FULLY, 10000000000% agree with Hulk Hogan. He needs to recognize he's not a draw anymore. If he appears as a special attraction once in a while, that's great. But, four or five segments a show? Bullshit.

    I personally like Angle & AJ as a team. Simply because, there's really nothing else for them to do right now. I'm happy they haven't Cena-fied them and kept them in the title pictre for years upon years. Other than that, yes, the tag team division has been down.
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    I'd go out on a whim and say the best thing in wrestling today is Bully Ray. Easily the funniest, most entertaining wrestler in the big three. (Wwe, tna, roh)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    Daniel Bryan is my favorite and has been for a while because I love the reaction he gets from the crowd when he comes out. He says no and they say yes. Hilarious....wrestling always been great.
    Totally agree. He has become a master at working the crowd and can even stop a "Let's go Cena/Cena sucks" in full flow with the push of a button. Amazing!
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    I will stick my neck out and agree with you because these guys ARE putting out comedy gold week in and week out. I will admit that the first couple of Anger Management session vignettes left me cold, but as they series went on it built up to what has been one of the best episodic comedy spots I've seen on TV in years, WWE or otherwise.

    I was worried when WWE did an online poll asking whether the Universe preferred a "light" or "dark" version of Kane, fearing they were going to make him into a clown a la Big Show, but I needn't have worried. D-Bry and Kane are the next Abbott and Costello / Fry and Laurie IMHO.

    Oh, and if anyone can give me the name of the actor playing Dr. Shelby and what he's been in before I'd appreciate it. I KNOW I've seen him before and it's really bothering me! Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    Based on the title of this blog, I was expecting something about the best thing going in the "world of wrestling". While Daniel Bryan and Kane is the best thing going in WWE, I think it pales in comparison to the Aces & Eights storyline going on in TNA. Just my opinion.
    I dislike that storyline cuz it involves old guys like Hogan who I don't care to see anymore. Make it special when a man like Hogan shows up. Don't do it weekly so it will mean nothing when he is on the show. That along with not seeing the men yet is frustrating with that stupid voice they use. Wish it would end, feels like it is trying to overshadow Aries run as world champion. I was glad when he became champion, but since he has....I've realized how over-rated he is. Don't like his promos, when battling Aces and 8s he looked stiff and hilarious.

    Was Kevin Steen a few months ago until he lost some steam. Don't know, but nothing in TNA besides Joe being TV champion is what I like. Don't like Angle and AJ as a team. Tag division is at its worst. What a waste of their great talent to put them in a tag title match. Daniels is still riding AJ's coattails. Rather have seen AJ or Angle face Aries in the main event of BFG. Nothing really on the show currently is like, I can't wait to see who wins this match besides hopefully Joe vs Magnus. Knockouts title match is intriguing, but I don't like Tess. Joey Ryan vs Al Snow is more intriguing to me than Aces and 8s....just my opinon o.
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