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  1. Vondraco's Avatar
    DK, I'd pay to see that. Just to hear the exploding heads of wrestling fans everywhere.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    How about Ziggler wins the Royal Rumble after drawing first and shattering all records. He cashes in his case the same night. Then the next night on Raw, he faces Kofi Kingston and Cesaro in a triple threat title match where both belts are on the line, and wins. Then on Smackdown, he faces Team Hell No in a handicapped match and beats them for the tag team titles. Come Wrestlemania, he can defend all the belts in separate matches, wins them all. Then challenged the Undertaker for his streak, wins the match and ends that, then challenge McMahon and HHH to a handicapped match with ownership of WWE on the line, and he wins that, making Dolph King of Everything.
  3. Vondraco's Avatar
    DSS ... "he can appear on both shows?" Seriously the brand split is a joke nowadays, anybody can appear on any show.
  4. Dime Store Saint's Avatar
    How about Dolph wins the Rumble and thus has a chance to win both titles. He cashes in at Elimination chamber for WHC and then champion v champion at Wrestlemania (punk or rock). Gives WWE the opportunity to unify the belts and if Ziggler wins he can appear on both shows.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Also, let us have Ziggler for WWE championship in on of the PPVs after WM...The same night he'll cash the MITB and become WHC...(ziggler can use his MITB brief case till next year's MITB ppv right??)..then same night he can go on and win WWE championship...

    he can claim he's the man who won both WWE n WHC on teh same night defeating both X n Y wrestlers on the same night...

    Cut to two months he can have a feud with Y2J..
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    When I heard about the AJ/Cena angle kicking off a few weeks ago, I laughed. The most questionable part is, why would Cena deny it. AJ's hot as shit. I'd hit that 6 times a day if I was Cena.
  7. MjBryan17's Avatar
    I stopped watching each show every week, I catch one here or there now. No need to watch every week with all the recaps. I catch up anyway. If I watch every week I get extremely bored, just watching the same clips over and over again. Great blog, keep'em coming.
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