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  1. MikeyA's Avatar
    I like the Sandow reference, but why does no one understand CURRENT TALENT? I never saod 10 finishers of all time.
  2. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Yeah if this list is missing the Rock Bottom™ or Stunner™ or any of Takers™ moves, then it is not a list. You're welcome.
  3. MikeyA's Avatar
    Hey I said the Cobra sucks. And if you read the other lists EVERYBODY has the Stunner as #1. It's either that or the Tombstone. I've seen the Brainnbustaaah, and honestly, I really thought it was a botch until I looked up some of his other vids. This listnis about current talent. Nothe the Wrestling greats. And I do agree Ryback's stomping is crap, but I like his shock Drop and how he has nailed two people at a time wih it.
  4. pld459666's Avatar
    This list does suck.

    The Stunner is tops because there is no need for a set up. Can be done from anywhere.

    The RKO? A take off from the diamond cutter.

    I like the GTS.

    The twist of fate is meh.

    The frog splash by anyone other than the late great Eddie Gurrero is meh.

    Rob Van Dam's cross the ring drop kick from the top rope is a great display of talent, but it hurts him to do it.

    The Ryback shock drop where he stomps around the ring like an idiot? Really?

    Sorry, but your list is lacking. To many copy cats. The Cobra is a take off of the Mandrin Claw/Socko.

    It's cute for the kiddies, but lacks originality as much of the list does.
  5. Canned Heat's Avatar
    Man, some of these moves are weak compared to some others, for example the zig zag really isn't a powerful move or strong finisher, however how about a top rope brainbuster.
    Watch that and you'll understand why it should be number 1 on this list the reaction of the crowd and commentators is unreal, Generico does indeed perfect the BRAINBUUUUUUUUSTAAAAHH!
  6. the great Steef's Avatar
    no TOMBSTONE??????

    this list sucks!!
  7. MikeyA's Avatar
    The Miz may be the IC Champ, but when Rey was, he won matches. Christian won matches etc. Miz is on the biggest losing streak since MVP (off the top of my head).

    I don't like Sheamus's use of Brogue Kick or White Noise. I liked Prince Albert's use of the Bicycle Kick and Finlay's use of the Celtic cross more. But I thank you for your opinions, one cannot get better without opinions.
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