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    These may have been very simple moves, but I don't think nearly enough credit is ever given to Jake Roberts' original DDT and Rick Rude's Rude Awakening. Either one of those moves done to a person for real would result in immediate death. Also, the Perfect Plex wasn't the most painful thing in the world, but it was executed so beautifully that it needs to be recognized as well.
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    Wrestling has existed for more than 15 years. Just saying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    -Very accurate list. Just take out the Rock Bottom and Ron Simmons move though.
    this is his opinion, he doesn't have to take out anything
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    Any top 10 list that doesn't include the Canadian destroyer is a joke. Granted you only listed wwe guys showing a bias there and the destroyer needed both guys with athleticism to pull it off.
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    -Very accurate list. Just take out the Rock Bottom and Ron Simmons move though.
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    good list. One thing. The Shane O Mac Coast to Coast is a straight ripoff of RVD. RVD was doing thatin ECW before Shane got into the ring. Shane had the benefit of being on live TV at a decent hour whereas ECW back then was airing at 2 in the morning in alot of places.

    Overall good list and I know this is nitpicking, but I do not recall reading in the previous blog that you stated that that list was as of today which is why you got the reply from me that you did.

    Also I think an honorable mention should go out to the Dudley's for the Dudley Death Drop, or the powerbomb through the table (I loved it when they put Mae Young through the table) Sting's reverse DDT (Scorpion Death Drop)

    Finally, if you have never seen it. Check out Petey Williams Canadian Destroyer. Nice
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    I must agree with the Miz's skull curching finale as it does look very effective. But my main deal on this is Del Rio's armbreaker. What big stars besides Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton have tapped out to Del Rio? Cause I cannot really think of anybody. No one is even on the edge of their seat when he uses it either. Just saying.

    Ok list in my opinion. Not great but not really bad either cause I know you are talking about current finishers.
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