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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    I can see most of this happening, and if it did, Id be happy
  2. MikeyA's Avatar
    Wow i take it im the only one that reds EVERY article on this site. WWE already said for the last two years that they want the MITB match back at WM and if it happens, they want ryback to win it. Hence why thats here. WWE has also said they want DZ to not only turn face, but face ADR, at WM NOT for the title. Hence why thts here. Yeah I threw Cen's nd Punk's match out there but I had REALISTIC backstory. For the last three Years, WWE has had a joke match. For the last two years WWE took the world title with superstars who can put on a great match and made them open WM. So before you flip out, finish the study dumbass.
  3. Wwetilltheend's Avatar
    REALISTIC!? HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING RAW, SMACKDOWN OR ANY WRESTLING NEWS SITE!? The only realistic matches here are Miz vs cesaro and Orton vs Sheamus WHICH IS NOT going to be for the title.....OH OF COURSE....the HHH vs LESNAR fight is correct and is the only match I think you will have right....this card SUCKS.....I best you 75% of this card won't happen....stick to reading and watch raw and Smackdown more often. Just so you know the WWE has already chosen the 4 main events of WM and will develope the stories from now on based on that...REALISTIC MY BUTT....YOU SUCK....
  4. Cynicism's Avatar
    Personally, though this is not my list, I couldn't do a top 10 without the DDT from Jake The Snake or The Diamond Cutter.

    I could easily do a list without The Peoples Elbow, as I don't think that it belongs in the ring any more than The Worm or The Five Knuckle Shuffle. Just personal opinion. With the time for set up I'd rather see a Macho Man Elbow or a Shooting Star Press, something with impact that makes those seconds wasted while someone is just lying there worthwhile. If someone lays still long enough for a Peoples Elbow to be hit you could pin them and be half way up the ramp before they move

    Edit: How did I forget The Perfectplex? How did you forget The Perfectplex
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  5. TheEelDeal's Avatar
    Peoples Elbow.... Finisher??? Really??? Nup. Its just a move like RKOs 2nd rope ddt.
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Why do people love the choke slam? It is beyond me. I always hated the choke slam because it was the set up for Taker's move the tombstone. When you talk legendary finishers, how can you leave out DDT or the leg drop by Hogan? Sharpshooter? Good moves, but I'd rather see some of these over the ones you have on here. Just my opinion, but I always liked RVD's better because he gets so much air. I love Eddie, but still thought RVD's was better when they both were around.
  7. ldbryant55's Avatar
    I have to reiterate Dragons point, this list only covers very recent history, and while I realize it's your opinion and you're entitled to it, it's hard to use the word "legendary" when you're only referring to the last 10-15 years of WWE.

    Bigger problem, you've got some historical errors that take a lot away from the post, like the fact that Ron Simmons never wrestled for the AWA. Also, the coast-to-coast was NOT Shane McMahon's move, he stole the move, (blatantly), from RVD. Giving Shane credit for that is a sacrilege. Austin started using the stunner at least a year before Vince ever ate one.
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