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  1. LMPunker's Avatar
    if you expect a blogto be taken seriously dont fill it with mistakes which have already been mentioned if you were unsureatleast check wikipedia(not 100% but atleast its somesort ofreference) somethings i agree with some i dont but you lost credibility at the end
  2. blink's Avatar
    Let us not forget how horrible of a job he did covering hhh's hof career...
  3. owenhart4life's Avatar
    What a HORRIBLE blog because it was full of lots of mistakes. First off Albert and Test NEVER won a tag title. He never won the hardcore title and he never won the European title. He won the Intercontinental title.
  4. MikeyA's Avatar
    Wow. That recovery sounds kind of good to me.
  5. temencer's Avatar
    I think Drew could recover.

    3MB comes out for a Drew vs [insert big name he's jobbing to], start doing their guitar solo crap ... Drew does it half hearted. He's doing pretty well, surprisingly, but his 'bandmates' try to help out and get him counted out. he's upset and walks off leaving Heath and Jinder all puzzled.

    Next week they all come out again, Drew not excited as they do their 'thing'. This time, Heath is jobbing. At some point, Heath or Jinder accidentally hit Drew.

    Next week, they come out and Drew just stands back and Heath and Jinder look like idiots. The two clowns turn and confront Drew and push him where he snaps into his former anger hitting Jinder with a big boot to the face and then Heath with a future shock. He then drops to a fallen Slater yelling "I'M the Chose One! Not you!"

    Drew and 'the Band' then have a mini-rivalry for a short time, getting Drew back into the flow and out of jobber-land.

    Or that's my hopes because I always like McIntyre.
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I agree with everyone of them.
  7. weems's Avatar
    I am speechless after seeing #2. Personally, I don't think anybody will care if Ken Shamrock returns. He was a mid-carder during the Attitude Era and I don't see him as a guy that will boost ratings or sell tickets. Next up, if Kurt Angle ever comes back, he will be in angles with only main event caliber guys. No way he works a program with Swagger (though a tea party gimmick vs all american, gold medalist gimmick would be good). Finally, god help us if Ric Flair returns and actually wrestles again. I love Flair but the last thing I want to see him doing is wrestling in a WWE ring again. All that being said, good blog. I really like Seth Rollins and think he could be a main event guy in a few years. Also, I would really like to see an angle of Cody v Goldust as well.
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