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  1. mysterash's Avatar
    I think that this would be a good idea as people would be very interested in deciding what they want done in the WWE. Although there may be a couple of problems, one of them being that the younger members of the Universe may stumble upon it, so maybe you have to login in and be a certain age to have your say (increasing the membership from the casual readers of WWE.) Another problem would be new superstars, I dont think many people would have played Drew McIntyre as the chosen one or Alberto Del Rio to be what he is, so there would need to be something done about that, maybe have suggestions on people that can get up to the main roster or something.

    I think it is a salivating idea at first, but when you think of the technicalities that go into it, you realise it may not be a solid one, its novelty may wear off, at first your excited that your idea is going through but after a while you get bored of telling WWE what they should do. You may also get out voted on what you want happen to a WWE superstar such as a title shot or something and that will cause upset to some fans and further complaints, saying that the WWE is not listening to them. Or you may get someone that wins the title too many times in such a short space of time or hold onto it for way too long because they are popular.

    That is just my rough opinion on the idea.
  2. Pookeo9's Avatar
    I think this is a good idea because the fans don't have a script, they can do whatever they please. So for example Undertaker could face Nexus in a Hell in a Cell, or Alberto Del Rio can attack the entire RAW locker room, or whats even better is if a fan chose to fire all the inexperienced divas for one night only and they could have a RAW roster VS SmackDown roster brawl with two rings, and both of them are a Barbed Wire Electric Hell in a Cell.
  3. Justdawg08's Avatar
    I've thought about this as well, would be a unique idea, could work. Could spoil the fans even more than they already are. Why.. with fans bitching everytime something doesn't got their way.

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