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  1. Xosanj's Avatar
    Man awsome list love them all. 03-06 was the peroid for me where i watched the most wrestling and remeber all of this. Think my fav being the Angle,Rey,Ortan match. Remember Royal Rumble settin all that up since it was the first ppv i ever watched and then got the whole wrestlemana bundle. Was good times
  2. alcrissam's Avatar
    I wouldnt say WWE has an "excellent" production team, id just consider that when they have flexibility with what they can do (and wrestlers they can use), then they can put out some pretty good stuff.
  3. Rob Stull's Avatar
    Very good blog. Short, sweet, and to the promos! One of my fav promos of all time will be Austin/Rock III
  4. ShaunieB's Avatar
    The Wrestlemania X7 promo is probably my favorite of all's just so good but every time I watch it I feel a need to watch the match!!

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