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  1. tikayoh's Avatar
    This is the most accurate mania card I've seen. I think bryan vs kane will be on there though, rhodes scholars will walk in champs. The shield should have a big role after their TLC performance
  2. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    Good blog. I agree with many of these matches (I posted a blog a couple of days ago with my Wrestlemania card, and there are many duplicates or near duplicates). I don't think they'll be unifying the U.S. Championship and the Intercontinental Championship. Also, no match for the Shield? Keep making those predictions - I enjoy them.
  3. KingWade's Avatar
    I would enjoy this card. However, i would have Team Hell No in a singles match insead of the tag titles match. Also need to get The Shield in a match. Though i would unify the mid-card titles at some point, i would make that match a money in the bank match instead and add a couple more participants (maybe team Rhodes Scholars.
    Updated 12-31-2012 at 04:23 AM by KingWade
  4. ilggant's Avatar
    I especially like the Steak vs. Streak match. I hope it's Sirloin
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    The number of minutes you have for the matches are off. In a championship scramble, every 5 minutes a wrestler comes out. Obviously longer than 10 minutes.

    Do you know what a tag team turmoil is? 2 teams start it in a tag match, every elimination a team comes out. Usually there is about 5 or 6 teams in the scramble. You got it in 11 minutes. That would mean an elimination every 1 or 2 minutes excluding the entrances of the teams.

    The rest of the card is likely to happen, but what is up with people putting elimination type matches on the Rumble card? Specifically in the tag match where I see 4 team elimination matches, turmoil among other things. Why can't we just have a tag match for goodness sake? Team vs team tag title match? I'd be cool with a cage, ladder, or anything, but these elimination matches I highly doubt will happen.

    You are booking guys on the show who barely gets any airtime on Raw and SD. How can they make it to the biggest show of the year?
  6. bsorrell's Avatar
    i like it...
  7. Big_D77's Avatar
    I like this card. Very realistic but still very epic; in my opinion, this could very well be Wrestlemania this year. And good job handling the Divas match hahahahaha
    Updated 12-30-2012 at 08:10 PM by Big_D77
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