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  1. illmat's Avatar
    I like your match ideas and ending except HHH and Lesnar. I would rather like to see Lesnar win. Lesnar costing Rock the Title would set up the storyline for next year's rumored match between Brock vs. Rock.
  2. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    I'm still smelling a Cena heel turn this year, regardless how many people say I'm crazy. But I'm feeling a Big Johnny interference to help Cena win. Big Johnny raising Cena's hand at the end going off the air, with trash being thrown in the ring and kids crying. Then Cena has a new spokesman, like Punk has with Heyman.
  3. ewantu2's Avatar
    Most wrestlers say the first match is the second most important match of the show. "that hurts the credibility of the the tile though" So by that logic then. *Next night on RAW*

    Dolph: ADR i'm going to cash in my MITB right now!

    *If the world title match is the first match*

    Dolph: You know what that belt means nothing now because it was the first match and that somehow makes the belt meaningless! I'm not cashing in.
  4. CJOVETT's Avatar
    Sometimes predictable is good.
  5. mrrobotnow's Avatar
    Thanks and the reason why some matches are a bit short is due to the all of the video packages, ring entrances and post match happenings as well as the dreaded Diddy performance. Also if you look at post mania Match time totals they almost equal up to less than 2 and 1/2 hours
  6. Bagg's Avatar
    All Great ideas, all would advance the product, all would leave most people wondering what the hell is going on and will tune in monday. Unfortunately, i just dont see the wwe turning orton AND Cena, not just ever but in the same night. Despite the booking, i still find it hard to believe Orton will turn and will believe it when i see it. I still would not be surprised one bit if "team wwe" beats the shield and absolutely nothing happens of note. Going in with this mindset, hopefully something will happen and I can enjoy it. This is though, 100% the way this show should be going, the most accurate booking of this event ive seen of things that could actually possibly happen. Save the Cena turn, i dont know if thats even been opened for discussion at a wwe creative table.
  7. jlsniper's Avatar
    Nice... I do think the some of the matches will be longer though.. I mean... the times added together are barely 2 1/2 hours, Just saying. Still good though.
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