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    Good card and ideas. I don't see Rhodes Scholars still being together. Replace them w/ Primetime Players, and have the Usos. Also, probably on the pre-show.

    If Rock comes back, I don't see him putting over another part timer. Rock/Cena III is probably guaranteed. I called it around WM 27 time. Three Wrestlemanias, Three Rock vs Cena matches. I still stand by that.

    I also think HHH wrestling at Mania will be in a much more meaningful match. Sure, control of WWE would be meaningful but the control angle will probably be done by SummerSlam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    People wonder why world title means so much less than the WWE title. It opens up a ppv? Biggest ppv of the year? Why wouldn't you start it out with the IC or Tag titles? It should be closer to ending the show.

    I'd figure Natalya had already faced AJ by this point. I hope it would make the card and someone else defeats her. Nothing against Natalya because I think she is more established than most of the other divas.

    Hopefully the Wyatt Family have tag belts before than or faces the Shield at Mania and wins them. Don't understand how it would be a good idea. Heels losing the belts to heels. Should be faces winning just my opinion.

    Dolph vs Randy would be a good storyline hopefully with his punt back with his heel turn.

    Sheamus vs Ryback would be a cool matchup.

    5.Scratching my head at the IC title match. Should be on the preshow instead of the Divas title if you ask me.

    6.I believe Rock has wrestled his last match. I hope he doesn't come back to have rematches. Rather him stay retired unless he comes back to face the likes of Orton or HBK.

    7.Like the Iron man match idea along with the WWE title being on the line. Too soon though for another WWE title run if you ask me. He just had the longest in the last 25 years.

    8.Only if it is Taker's last match is when I want to see Cena vs Taker at Mania. I've heard he has two more Mania matches left in him. If that is the case, save it for next year.

    4.Saved the worst for last, I hope and pray that match doesn't happen. I don't want this storyline to continue all the way til Mania 30. I'm sick of it now with everyone coming to see Vickie to give her advise. It is annoying!! I don't want HHH vs Vince either at Summerslam.
    1; Who cares whether or not the World title opens up Mania. That title is absolutely worthless nowadays, and it's nearly become tradition opening the show.

    2; The E' has had mutliple chances in re-vamping their divas division and they haven't. Hell, they could call up their NXT Divas and make it worth while, but they don't. So yes, seeing Natalya/AJ sounds half decent. Especially since they're the only two women worth watching on the main roster.

    3; Wyatt Family vs Shield (heel vs heel)? If you're stating it should be heels vs faces, which team do you see being the heels? After all, neither of these teams would work as faces.

    4; Dolph vs Randy sounds half decent.

    5; Sheamus/ Ryback sounds good. I would have the roles reversed. Having Sheamus(heel) vs Ryback (face).

    6; Rock HAS wrestled his last match. If they were to toss Rock vs Brock, it'd be a waste of time and money. Hell, you saw what happened last time Rock got a little bumped up. You'd rather him face Orton or HBK?! What would this do for ANY of their careers?

    7; I'll agree with you on this one.

    8; Cena vs Taker SHOULD happen at Mania 30. Taker shouldn't have two more matches in him. This should be it. ... Hell it should've been IT when he faught Triple H at Mania 28.

    9; Like it or not, this storyline WILL finalize at Mania 30. Can you not just imagine the repetitive promo recaps prior to the match?! LMAO. Kill yourself now bud.
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    Out of all the (many) fantasy Wrestlmania cards that are posted on this site, this one is probably the least pipe dreamish. It won't happen but it's not sooooooo far out of the realm of possibility.
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    great card
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    Idk about this card but wmxxx will be the best in many yers
  6. PSOjedi's Avatar
    too much fantasy to be real
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    I like the idea of a four way match for the tag titles, but I don't see it being on the main card, probably the pre-show. I also like the idea of an Ironman Match for the WWE Title. Don't see too many of those anymore. Overall, pretty believable card. Nice blog.
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