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  1. Booking the Best Possible Summerslam

    Hey everyone, this will be my personal/realistic booking of WWE summerslam 2013. In my opinion wwe has potential to put on an excellent ppv that could end up being the ppv of the year. I'm basing the card off recent storylines, online rumors and what the fans would like to see. Since Jericho is taking time off to tour with fozzy he will be left off the card.


    Triple ...
  2. The Ultimate Wrestlemania XXX Card

    Hello all, this will be my personal booking for WM 30 based on storylines that are happening now and potential future storylines. I tried to make it as realistic as possible and tried to include almost the entire roster. I excluded Big Show and Mark Henry from the show because I feel their days are over and they're going to retire shortly.

    Preshow: Over the Top Battle Royal (Divas title) ...

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