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  1. CMRyder's Avatar
    I think you're right on! Only match I'm not sure about is Ryback vs. The Big Show and honestly hope it doesn't happen. I hate they screwed up Ziggler by taking him out of the title picture. And the World tittle match ending, no, just no. Get Del Rio out of here already. Have Christian pull surprise win.
  2. grundel69's Avatar
    Pretty accurate, except I think it's going to be a singles match RVD versus Alberto del Rio for the world heavyweight title. And I actually think Kane is going to join up with the Wyatt's And maybe he will wrestle Sheamus
  3. AWyatt's Avatar
    I'm a huge D Bryan fan, however, I see him beating Cena cleanly only to get screwed by Orton. This would immediately cause a heel turn. I like Orton too, so wouldn't be bad in my eyes.
    Can you imagine the reaction from the crowd when Orton comes to the ring, the boos!
    Daniel Bryan will eventually pick up the title after cashing Orton.
  4. dashkatae's Avatar
    I like everything except I would have Daniel Bryan win the WWE title, get props from Cena and then have Cena head towards the back. Suddenly Randy Orton comes into the ring from out of no where, hits the RKO, cashes in and pins Bryan. Cena tries to run in to stop Orton but it's too late, Randy wins the title.
    With that scenario, you instantly turn Orton heel since Bryan is one of the most over guys right now. And it leaves you open to have Cena turn heel down the road if need be. Have Bryan chase the title for the next few months and eventually win it decisively.
  5. Anthony_Eckman's Avatar
    Basically everything will happen like this. I like Ryback and Big Show but that only works if Big Show returns as a face obviously. I actually do like your WHC match. I don't think the buildup will happen like that, I just think it will be like last year at Over the Limit when Randy Orton and Jericho just got pushed into the WHC match with Sheamus and Del Rio to make it more interesting.
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I like everything except for the WHC match.
  7. Josh Shepard's Avatar
    I really like your card and your builds here. The only one I would disagree with would be the Cena/Bryan match. I would love to see Bryan win here, but I wonder if it is too soon for Cena to drop the belt. Considering how many combined reigns Cena has to his name, I don't see him getting too many more, so the bookers might be looking to have him keep the belt for longer periods to prevent Cena from reaching twenty reigns or more.

    But that's just me. It would suck to give Bryan this incredible push just to stonewall him, but I wouldn't put it past the WWE.

    All in all, I really like what you have here, especially your use of Maddox and the Wyatt Family in the WHC build.
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