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  1. Money in the Bank Predictions

    With it only being just over a week away and all the important matches are set for the money in the bank ppv and its lined up to be an interesting event, but i will be focusing on the 4 main matches

    WWE Championship - RAW Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
    CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus vs. Christian vs. Randy Orton vs.Kane vs. Rob Van Dam

    All star wwe championship

    Updated 07-07-2013 at 10:13 PM by Frank

  2. TNA BFG Series

    Its the time of year when tna builds towards bound for glory with the bfg series. Now personally this is one of my favorite ideas thought up by tna, the only flaw is not televising all the matches but thats me and my opinion.

    Now qualifiers for the series are just starting on t.v but who's gonna be the one to get the shot this year?

    Now A.J Styles has been rumored to be an ...
  3. Curtis Axel - Hit or Miss?

    I know he debuted a month ago but thought id see how his push panned out before putting an opinion out there so lets get down too it.

    Now we all know he debuted originally on nxt as Michael Mcgillicutty and showed some promise which lead to being put into the nexus back in 2010.
    He held the tag team championships for a period of time then was sent to redevelopment. Now i am abit ...
  4. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    As reported earlier on this site wwe seems to be on the verge of pushing Daniel Bryan this summer, in my opinion this push is a year over due.

    At this time last year Bryan had entered Wrestlemania as world champion even though the match lasted 18 seconds due to time constraints for 'bigger' matches, Sheamus and Bryan made the best out the situation in a small program from the Wrestlemania ...

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