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    Quote Originally Posted by eldoryazdee
    Ever heard of Miss Linda and Baby Doll???
    ever heard of WWE?
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    Ever heard of Miss Linda and Baby Doll???
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    Precious and Sunshine
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    You left out Chyna. I would have to argue that aside from Sensational Sherri Martel, she was the greatest valet of all time. She was consistently involved in Main Event angles with DX and Triple H. She was a fixture on RAW for a good portion of every show during the Attitude Era. She was instrumental in elevating Triple H to being a Main Eventer. Story wise, she handed title after title to the wrestlers she escorted to the ring. Although, I don't believe she will ever be considered a "Diva," I think she is right up there with the greatest managers/valets of all time.
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    No Queen Sharmell?
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    Smackdowns main event and mid card is stacked with wrestling talent now, while Raw once again gets the entertaining(you know what I mean) superstars, just like it has always been.
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    smackdown also lost great talent like mcintye and swagger, kofi and are maybe going to loose taker when he returns so did sd really win.and sd really only got 1 main eventer while raw got adr and mysterio
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