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  1. "..being accompanied by" The Best Female Managers

    ..making his way to the ring being accompanied by.."

    In memory of Divas history month, I've devised a list of the greatest Diva valets that have come and gone. Some were there to kick ass, and some were there to look pretty, but all were unique in their own way.

    Lita became most famous as a manger in 2000, when she associated herself with the high-flying ...
  2. WWE Draft - a win for Smackdown?

    I know many will say that there already lots of blogs about the 2011 draft but i just want to give my thoughts on the WWE Draft.

    Ok so many believed that this year Smackdown got the better of the draft, gaining more wrestlers than RAW and gaining a lot of credible wrestlers. It seemed as if WWE were trying to build up the Divas division and tag team division, and have succeeded to an ...
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