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  1. Bobby1181's Avatar
    Only one man ever stood his ground...nope not CM was Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  2. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Illuminati :O
  3. PipeBomb1087's Avatar
    When I saw this blog, I told myself this blogger did great on making a title. The blogs is good but saying that the WWE is an evil empire is not logical. An evil empire will not give us matches and would not get guys like Rock and Lenser to come back. This is a form of making money and what sells the most and gets an reaction will be what is giving to us. To blame the WWE for this is not logical because the fans are the ones giving an reaction to guys like John Cena. At the end of the day, we are buying stuff from the company and that is why they are so successful.
  4. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    Love this blog!
    It's funny 'cos it's true!!!
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I have considered WWE the evil empire for many years now...Not sure what the point is of breaking down the lyrics of Vince McMahon's theme song though. The employees are paid to do what they do. If it's not much, it's because WWE has become a large corporation in America, which basically means they'll work every employee as hard as possible, and pay as little as possible. The words in McMahon's theme song describe every large corporation. it describes Insurance Companies, Banks, Comcast, Cell Phone Providers, Microsoft, Apple...etc. It's not just WWE. It's most big businesses in the world, who will do what they can to stay image friendly, while being serious bullies behind closed doors, but in a way where they protect themselves.

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