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    Vince and Linda McMahon want to have political influence. Everything they do is to is aimed towards this. The WWE is the main source of their money and therefore the main reason Vince is still involved. He has achieved all he can in the wrestling business, as can be seen by Triple H and Stephanie taking over increasing responsibility. We all know this.
    The problem they have is that wrestling has no real legitimacy in the real world. It is seen as 'fake' and immature. The athletic skills, training and story telling we all know are required is not seen by non-fans. Unlike 'competitive' sports where issues such as combating drug abuse can be used as a political positive, (see Seb Coe with the olympics), in wrestling it is used to attack the McMahons.
    Also controversial occasions such as the Trish Stratus 'bark like a dog' and the 'kiss my ass' segments are seen as sexist and bullying. These are all issues raised by rival politicians to question the McMahon's integrity.
    This is why WWE is pg-14. A catch- 22 situation when your entertainment is based on 'fighting'. To make it interesting it needs to be violent and aggressive which makes it beyond a pg-14 rating.
    Therefore wrestlers who are talented but not obviously useful in other more main stream forms of entertainment such as films or guests on tv shows are of little interest to Vince.
    Raw and Smackdown are based on skits and comedy as a result. Writers have a back ground in TV and not in wrestling. As a consequence traditional wrestling most fans want is disappearing. Wrestler's need to be almost complete instantly or are cast aside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Socal_Guy
    Maybe it's just me, but it seems people who hate WWE sure seem to always have an opinion about the company and still tune in every week to watch Raw and Smackdown. There is always TNA if your not happy with WWE. I get that people want to voice there opinions about WWE, but after awhile it's all the same with a different title. You had mentioned at the end of your blog how WWE does not care what the fans think. If that's the case then why waste time.
    I do not hate WWE. I just think they have other priorities.

    Getting as many people to watch no matter who they are or for what reason.

    Selling merchandise.

    Getting Linda elected.

    TNA is somewhat interesting but I never felt they were better and not sure they can be. I remember my initial opinion of them was they were a WWE graveyard. Attitude era WWE and even "Ruthless agression" WWE were better than what we have now for the most part.

    The original title of this blob was WWE does not care about ACTUAL wrestling in itself before it was edited for me. This is not to say nobody in WWE cares but the current powers to be there have it on the back burner. I watch WWE for it's entire product but the wrestling seems to not be as good for the most part. You get about one great match a card imo.

    The point of the blog was to point out historically WWE didn't really have the best wrestling. In the 80s NWA had a better WRESTLING product. In the 90s ECW had better Wrestling (not everybody but there was always great standouts). Right now ROH has better wrestling.

    TNA is inconsistent and confused. They seem like WCW on an ECW budget
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    Good blog, I've said the same thing for years yet I still watch every week. I can't help but notice all the comments about "move sets" and it kinda bothers me. The number of "moves" a wrestler does doesn't make a great or bad wrestler. It seems like everyone wants every wrestler to have Punk's or Bryan's style of wrestling, which is a bit closed minded if you ask me. There are many different styles of wrestling and I love every single one of them. I think sometimes when fans watch mat wrestling or strong style/brawling (without weapons) they don't like it just because it's not fast paced. If I wanted to see 2 hours of guys doing flips I would go to the circus. By the way for all the "i don't like just punches and kicks" people Chris Hero Vs. Eddie Kingston CZW 2007 "Loser leaves town match" and Big Van Vader Vs Stan Hansen 1990 for the IWGP strap. Mark out accordingly.
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    Here is a little secret to fix the problem. Stop watching it. I already have. WWE is no fun. Especially when the Champ goes on at 10pm and Cena has the last match. Ever wonder why Punk taps his wrist. It is to point out the time he is coming on. Also, EWN has even reported the following statement: HHH stated "WWE is an entertainment company not a wrestling company." And, this was years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyV123
    If it makes you feel better a lot of people share the same thoughts you do.

    I've explained this before but you can't compare wrestlers from different eras for their wrestling ability. Back in the day WWE would see a big guy working as a bouncer on the street and be like hey, wanna be a wrestler? There wasn't in depth training or anything and it shows in the matches they put on. Hogan, Flair, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, etc Evidence:

    Then there's sort of the next generation which includes Bret Hart, Booker T, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Diamond Dallas Page, Triple H, Big Show, The Rock, Steve Austin, etc who are better trained put on better faster paced matches with more MOVES rather than just punches and holds but not doing many innovative ones. (Notable exceptions of non heavyweights like Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho)

    (Skipping the Christian, Edge, Hardys, Kurt Angle, etc years) Finally there's the modern group who were trained in the early 2000's and on usually going to the indy scene for a time before making it to the big leagues like WWE. These guys have been innovators creating new moves, employing strikes like kicks more. This group includes CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, etc

    Of course, not every person from these mini eras fits where they are "supposed to" and that's where Cena comes in. He's much more of a mid 1990's type wrestler than his peers (I mean he was in wrestling school with Samoa Joe, Frankie Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels) and it really shows.
    Really enjoyed your perspective here, well done. Personally I don't have the same issues with Cena a lot of people seem to have. Does he have a limited move set? Sure. Despite that Cena is an incredible athlete, and I always enjoy his matches because of it. His speed and agility for his size is incredible. I totally see where you're coming from (and agree) when you placed him as more of mid-90's wrestler, but I think a lot of that has to do with his character. With the "Attitude Era" a lot of what had always been specific behavior for faces and heels changed - DX in their battles with Vince is a good example - there were a lot of faces that started to do sketchy things both in and out of the ring, where before that type of behavior was pretty much limited to heels. Sheamus is a pretty good example of this type of face as far as the current WWE roster goes. Getting to Cena though, I think his classic face character fits in well with the amalgam of different types of faces and heels that have emerged over the last decade.

    As far as this actual blog post...I just don't get the frustration a lot of people feel with the WWE presently. I especially don't see the point in the ranting complaints, as another commentor pointed out - if you dislike WWE that much, there is always TNA. Or ROH even! Or just don't watch it. The whole point of it is to be entertainment, and if all it does is upset you...I guess I just don't see the point.

    Personally I think the WWE has gotten much better in the last few years with such great talent as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan joining up. That's just my two cents!
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    All of these can improve but it's up to the WWE to want to make them improve. Main event picture- Insert Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Ziggler and VIOLA you improved the Main Events.

    Divas- Sign Sara Del (she tried out), Bring Paige/ Britany Knight up from NXT, Bring Kharma back ASAP! and never put women like the Bellas in the ring again. They need to do something to make us take women's wrestling serious again. What that is IDK but fart gimmicks (Natalya) and making one of your top wrestlers the GM surely can't help.

    Cruiserweights??? They can improve this division ALOT. All they have to do is bring back the title via tornament or something and then properly use the ones they already have (I would much rather see this than all the crappy fillers they use) . Just think about it...Yoshi (there not doing anything with him, he would have some purpose) Santino (would've rather seen him in a cruiserweight title than U.S.) Tyson Kidd (see Yoshi) Justin Gabriel (see Yoshi) JTG (see Yoshi) Sin Cara, Kofi, Evan Bourne (when he returns), Hunico (this guy is great but what are they gonna do wit him?) Baretta (see Yoshi) and Rey Mysterio as you mentioned. Not to mention they signed Alex Shelley. I just think bringing back the title could be a way to better utalize these talents.

    Tag team division can be improved also - Uso's, Hunico/Camacho, and Kidd/Gabriel need more T.V. time. Put Kings of Wrestling Back together (there chemistry is rediculous), Hawkins and Ryder are free to get back together, you still have PTP (sucks there mouthpeice got fired), and Kofi/R-Truth. NXT has this team called Ascension... man they are AWESOME! you should check em out if you haven't already. Heck why not put Rey and Sin Cara together for a little while??? I heard a gentleman mention that the tag teams don't draw anymore like they did back in the late 80's-late 90's and that's true (statistics don't lie). But one of the reason's is there attention to the division was 20 times better back then. They had major storylines, photo shoots, they were on T.V. all the time. They were on a lot of PPV's because the WWE made the effort. Now... unfortunately they just don't see tag team wrestling as a priority. But just think how much they can do with the teams I mentioned.

    But overall you are spot on... The WWE doesn't give a flying crap about what we think, especially if they are making.... MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS lol It's just sad to see all that talent being underutalized and going to waste. SMH
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    Good read. WWE hasn't completely ignored TNA however. There were several occasions where WWE has mentioned TNA without actually mentioning TNA.
    You are right about WWE not caring about what us fans want.
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