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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Curiosity got the better of me for SummerSlam. I will concede to the fact that I did watch the relevant matches, meaning I skipped the Tag Team Match and the Kane/Bryan match. And while the experience was probably 10 times better Live, I have to disagree with so many of your grades here. First, Dolph/Y2J was average at best. I find DB boring now so I skipped his match. Sheamus/Del Rio was lame, though when Sheamus lifted ADR up from the cross-arm breaker, andt he "Sheamus" chants started, that was impressive. I feel he solidified himself as a main guy, transcending everyone but Cena. And the HHH/Lesnar match was a pure disgrace. I've only seen very very few people kick out of the Pedigree in my 25+ years of watching wrestling. The fact that Brock, after the second one, popped right up with Kimora, was lame, stupid, just solidified just how horrible the PPV was and WWE is.
  2. thegame2119's Avatar
    Pretty good review, though I will say that you were far more generous in your grades than I would have been. In my personal opinion, this was probably the worst Summerslam of all time.

    First, that thing about Vicki making her daughter cry made me laugh (not the fact that she cried, but the fact that Vicki caused her to). Anyway, I'd give the Dolph/Y2J match a B+, maybe an A- at most. It was the best match of the night in my opinion, but it could have been better. To me it just felt as if it was too slow paced for the guys involved. With these two I was expecting a fast paced match with a lot of big spots, but we didn't really get much of those. Also, I'm glad Jericho won but the ending didn't sit too well with me. I mean, they're trying to build Ziggler up to "main event" status, yet they have him tap after, like, five seconds in the Walls of Jericho. They could have at least had him kick out of a Codebreaker or maybe hold out longer and put up a bit more of a fight while in the Walls.

    I'd give Kane/D-Bry a B-. I love D-Bry. He's funny, great on the mic, awesome in the ring and not since the height of Stone Cold and The Rock's popularity has someone played the crowd as well as Bryan does. However, I'm tired of the Kane feud. So tired in fact that this match struggled to hold my interest. I still don't mind the AJ/Bryan thing (I have a feeling next week's Raw is going to be funny with the whole anger management classes thing), but they need to lose the Kane aspect of it.

    I was surprised by the Rey/Miz match and would, like you, give it a B. It wasn't a show stealer but it was much better than I expected it to be. Either Miz got better while he was gone or Rey is simply amazing at making others look better than they are.

    Sheamus/ADR gets a B- from me. I'm on the 'ADR Hater' bandwagon. I don't care how good he is in the ring or how good Ricardo is in his role, Del Rio is duller than watching paint dry and I'm baffled as to why he's still in the title picture. I mean, because of him this feud was boring before it even began. The only reason this match gets an above average grade from me is because, for some reason, I like Sheamus (maybe it's because of my love for the Irish) and I enjoyed the ending.

    Kofi & Truth/PTP = F. Boring. Boring. Boring. PTP are boring, Truth and Little Jimmy are boring as faces and Kofi would be better served in the IC/US title picture.

    Punk/Cena/Show sadly gets a C- from me. I had quit watching WWE a while ago for a few months to maybe a year. That was until CM Punk's "Pipebomb" brought me back. However, for the first time since then, I was left very disappointed with a match/segment that involved Punk. Maybe it's because they had Show dominate most of the match which had Punk down and out for a lot of it, but this match was extremely dull. The only things that allowed it to get a passing grade from me was the double submission/restart ending and the fact that Punk retained.

    Lastly, Brock/Triple H gets a D- from me. The hype for this match was built for about three months, yet the end result didn't even come close to living up to it. It absolutely kills my soul to say that Cena/Brock out-performed HHH/Brock. This match was sloppy (something I never thought I'd say about a Triple H match), slow, and boring. While not expecting the same level of violence, the hype for this match had me expecting the same level of intensity as the Triple H/Cactus Jack Street Fight from the 2000 Royal Rumble. The only reason this doesn't get a failing grade from me is because the hype was such that I kept expecting something huge to happen which kept me watching throughout. Boy, was I greatly let down.

    Overall, I'd give the show a C+ which is not good for the so called "Second Biggest PPV of the Year". As I said earlier, in my opinion, the worst Summerslam ever.
  3. XxJPPRxX's Avatar
    perfect review. this is just about what i thought of summerslam as well, and in a way i agree about the PTP there still pretty green, but dont get me wrong in time i personally believe they can be an incredible tag team because they already have great chemistry. and the Cena/Punk/Show match i think it was good having that co-main event to keep the whole Cm Punk and Respect thing going because it's making his slow heel turn that much better because unlike most heel turns now days it actually means something. well IMO anyway

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