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  1. King MC's Avatar
    The first line reads "CM Punk retains at Survivor Series, cheating (as usual)" I'm sorry, but when has he cheated while defending his title? Everyone from John Cena to the casual viewer says that CM Punk does whatever it takes to keep his title. However, he has never done any of the dastardly deeds that he is said to have committed. In fact, the only time I can even recall that he cheated since being WWE Champion was in his match against Sheamus on Main Event (he exposed the turnbuckle).

    Maybe I'm forgetting something, but I can't recall a time that he's cheated to retain his title? If you remember an instance then please share it. If you're referring to HIAC, then I have to point out that Brad Maddox did that for himself, but that CM Punk did not actually cheat. He simply took advantage of a situation.
  2. Dubs's Avatar
    Wonderful job man. I love the whole Team Ryback vs Team Lesnar stuff. The Rock being added to Team Ryback is great and it'll add a lot to the build-up to Rock vs Punk at the Royal Rumble. WWE should put you on the creative team.
  3. Dubs's Avatar
    This is great stuff man. Loving the way it sets up Lesnar vs Ryback. Going to read part 2 now.
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