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    Im guessing that when they end the streak they are going to make a younger superstar do it. Not saying a rookie. Because whoever does it will recieve a lot of people saying that he is the wrong person to do it. For me personally I would have said Brock Lesnar but he really killed his WWE return for himself. The match would have to be awesome and I mean awesome. But anything WWE does it will recieve criticism. A lot riding on them. I hope whatever they do people can say what a great way to end the streak but highly unlikely.
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    Taker vs Sheamus world title taker wins Dolph Ziggler cashes in MITB makes him a great heel by cashing in on one of the biggest faces and ending the streak then he can finally be a show off as being only man to beat taker at mania
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    Kane beats taker at wm30 and they both retire
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Cobb
    IF they are goin to has someone end the streak, it needs to be someone who is Good enough to benefit from it and be the next face of WWE.
    Got me thinking if he is to lose at all and we would want it to be someone that winning would further there career take it to the next level......why not Kane?
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    Its hard to get everything we want out of tankers match. We all want him to feud with someone hes hasnt but thing is, who has he not already feuded with that is worth hes time? Just about know one he faced pretty much everyone. Even the HBK and HHH matches he did those already with them.

    Just comes down to who do you/they think is the biggest threat to end the streak. And Brock is the biggest threat if atm since he beat the last guy tanker was against.
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    Undertakers streak is so long right now that it cannot be broken. There's no one on the WWE roster that currently derserves the honor of breaking that streak. That should be one record that stands the test of time. In fact, they should start building another streak to show the importance of the current one. Like being 49-0 as a Heavy Weight in Boxing. It's never been matched or beaten. This streak should be treated with the same reverence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by True Sinister
    There is no good opponent for him now imo.

    Kane getting a clean victory or Shawn coming back to end his career would be a great end for his streak. Barret and Sheamus would be regular standard matches. If Cena fought him it would make so much sense to let Taker win that WWE would let Cena win imo
    Win or lose, Kane would make a great choice for a final match. If they are going to have someone end the streak who doesn't have a long career ahead, it should be Kane.

    I honestly think he should hang it up now. If he comes back then it should be the last match. A lot of people praised the HITC match at WM, but I didn't find it to be that good. He's just not mobile enough anymore. I've been a fan his whole career and he has nothing else to prove.
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