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    Good blog! I think you nailed some key points like how no other business would be dismissive of its own customers and their suggestions. However, a doctor, lawyer, and engineer may not be dismissive to what a knowledgeable person (or at least one who thinks the are) has to say and act politely to them, but in the end they are going to diagnose the problem or go ahead with the solution they come up with anyways.

    This makes WWE different from the professions that you mentioned where there IS a correct solution to a problem or only small variations in choices between the correct solutions. In WWE's world, the possibilities of what can be put on TV are endless. It's more reasonable to lump them in with companies like Apple or McDonald's that have an expectation to produce a certain kind of product but have many different ways to go about doing it or adding variety to it. Your argument is just as true with those kinds of companies.

    McDonald's does not say well you want the product this way (maybe less fat or something) but we know how to make money better than you smarks so we are not going to do that. Apple does not say we are rich beyond belief from what we do we do not need input from you smarks who know something about design and programming. They take input wholeheartedly, listen to some of it and ignore a lot of it, and then make business decisions based on that information. WWE goes hey! We are rich! We don't care what you think.....but Watch Raw this Monday!!!
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    It is obvious that Kevin Nash has a world size ego and therefore can't accept any criticism be it from co-workers or fans. This makes him come across as a dick. His opinion of internet fans as sad losers probably fits some but not the majority and therefore is irrelevant. So a discussion on this is pointless, it comes down to a 'i'm not a idiot your a idiot' argument.

    What is interesting is that his views on 'smarks' opinions being worthless are clearly shared by the wwe. Like every company they want to make money as much as possible. Is the 80 - 20% split accurate as it seems a bit high on internet fans. If correct fair enough, but if not then it makes sense to push wrestlers with personality over mat skills. Kids who buy merch want superheroes to support, as Nash points, out rather than solid workers. While his view on Benoit and especially Eddie are extreme as 'Latino Heat' was charismatic, larger than life wrestlers like Cena and Hogan will always be the main guys.
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    Good blog, I think. I didn't quite understand it, but from what I did good blog.

    Ha, all kidding aside, great blog and very well written.
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    Great job and very well written. Are you Damien Sandow in disguise?
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    Class "A" blog. Great read to go along with an awesome perspective/take on a great topic. With all of the heat Nash has been getting as of late with his controversial remarks, I thoroughly enjoyed your "deconstruction of Kevin Nash's remarks from a new perspective".

    The one thing I fear most what with up and coming bloggers, is that for the most part, they don't follow through with other blogs. I will state that you do have a knack for writing, and I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Great blog yet again.
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    -Great blog.
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    Really good post.

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