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  1. Reasoning for the dismissive view of the "smark"

    My fellow wrestling fans,

    After three years of passively observing this and other websites, I recently made my first post in response to Kevin Nash's inflammatory, asinine comments towards smaller, mat-based, technical wrestlers - specifically Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. I was particularly called to action by Nash's derisive view toward "smarks" as irrelevant, cultural ...
  2. The Kevin Nash Argument: Deficiencies deconstructed from a marketing perspective

    To my fellow members of the Internet Wrestling Community,

    I have been a fan of professional wrestling my entire life and a reader of this website for the last 3 years; yet, I have never posted before. Nevertheless, I am unable to bite my tongue now due to Kevin Nash's recent controversial remarks.

    I will recognize certain things that I have always respected about Kevin Nash: ...

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