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  1. Greekcian's Avatar
    So we're booking him as the new face of the company? Two words: Why him?
  2. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Watched a nxt taping last wk and he lost to leo kruger if he puts any1 over in wwe tv in nxt few months it will be him if he's called up .. I like his style but the way the commentators mention his daredevil lifestyle is silly were wood he find the time for a start but like iv said 1000 or more times its jst a case of serious talent getting mis used
    Justin Gabriel---meet Shelton Benjamin
  4. y2jray's Avatar
    This would be better suited for a guy like Cody Rhodes
  5. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Huh? All I said was he's more interesting as a heel. The only time I actually cared about watching him was while he was a Nexus / CORRE member. Has nothing to do with your battle royal idea. And for him to essentially come out of no where, win the IC title this month = bad idea. Especially since a jobber like Zach Ryder or Santino Marella are WAY more over. Need to build up the guy first. See if he can actually get over, then let him win a title.
  6. DREW1986's Avatar
    As I stated in my last blog on Drew Mcintyre I love the little details they help get your point across. You dont have any, other then your later comments to the great one, you just named the ppvs and the current top ten superstars in the company and said he beats them I know you like gabriel and I do too but work it slower give us a notable fued along the way, you had him bounce from one wrestler to the next. keep one feud and give it some fire. looking forward to see how your next one goes as its the type of blog I do myself and enjoy
  7. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletBowl
    Yeah, I know you like the guy and all, but having him go over Barrett after barely being a blip on anyone's radar seems odd. At least build the guy some or see if he can get over. He's a natural face, but he was much cooler and better as a heel IMO.
    Once again please read the comment before for the full meassge of him being heel. He has just won a battle royal on main event to get to face barrett, i think they got miz to win the title at WM because they don't want barrett to have the title but then because of the miz's schedule they had to pick the most logical choice to have win the title off of miz, wade barrett. i think when they have gabriel vs barrett for the intercontinental championship they will have him win, for all the previous reasons.
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