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  1. WPack911's Avatar
    I disagree, sure they are not doing over the top Attitude Era type stuff like Sable's body paint hands over her tits and "Live Sex Celebrations", but just look at last weeks RAW when Layla taped out on AJ's ass and then grabbed it! Then after that AJ straddled her pulled Layla's head up by the hair and blew her a kiss in her face before throwing her head back into the mat.

    If you did not find that sequence sexy and even just flat out bad ass then I don't know what to tell you.
    I Truthfully don't think that a diva needs sex appeal to be marketable(early Chyna, Luna, Jazz, Kharma, McCool) the divas that the E currently has does because they cant wrestle but the E needs someone someone shocking...or someone that can wrestle. They need more divas...What about a Diva Stable?
  3. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    The last time I heard a "This is awesome" chant is when that Hamada debuted around four years ago I think.

    And I agree with this blog a lot, especially on the TNA aspect. I think the knockouts division is overrated, it was a lot better at one point. The reason why the knockouts are ENTERTAINING and the Divas are NOT is because they are half decent in the ring, they're hot AND they're sexy, Case in point: Velvet Sky and her pigeons, Mickie James and her country girl fantasy, or Taeler Hendrix with her cutesie tear-off-my clothes look. There is a big difference between sexy and hot. Kelly Kelly was hot, but because of the PG label (and it is just a label) she was never allowed to be sexy during her time on the red and blue shows (Early ECW on the other hand...)

    I know you said in your blog that "it will never happen again", but I'm not so sure. What can happen is the sexiness will have to be very subtle. As apposed to the Attitude Era where hypersexuality was in, it will need to be hypo-sexualised, and part of a character. Gee, I can see a British Brunette running around in NXT who sounds perfect...
  4. Rick BoA's Avatar
    Kelly Kelly was pretty damn hot, outside of that none have done anything for me since Torrie quit.
  5. weems's Avatar
    I couldn't find a way to incorporate this into my blog so I will post it here: I was unfortunately in attendance to see the abortion of Sin 2001 (that was the WCW PPV where Sid broke his leg) and witnessed perhaps the worst gimmick match EVER between two stables. It was a penalty box match between Team Canada (Mike Awesome, Lance Storm and Elix Skipper) vs. The Filthy Animals (Mysterio, Kidman, Eddie) with Jim Duggan as the Special Guest Referee.
    Hopefully nobody remembers this as it was beyond abysmal. Either way, please share if you can recall a worse match between two stables as I would be shocked if such a match ever took place.
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    yeah that was a poor comment, referencing the second to last comment. I can't believe I even said that. Please disregard. You clearly know wrestling and that was unwarranted.

    I agree with you the current set up is as you say it is, but they have now set a precedence for gaining elevation to the world title with Ziggler. He was buried, worked alone, and waited and waited. There was a time where they pushed guys way too fast. Orton being the prime example. Not that I don't think Orton's climb to the top was justified because it was. I think they are wary of pushing too high too fast because then you get stuck with a star that is boxed in. Orton can't have the wwe title because of the position Cena and Punk have been thrust into. The world title is being used to position younger guys, but unlike WCW, historically, world champions aren't going to be in such a large stable without a leader. The title needs to be on a figure head of a stable for it to work. I would think they would need to either designate a leader of the Shield or split them up before they put a title on one of them. Given the path these guys are on, personally, I don't see any of them being in position for another 2 years. So in essence, I am more questioning the hurry to get them to the top levels more so than their deserving to be major singles competitors.

    And for the record, I won't write comments when I'm hung over anymore. I am a dick when I'm hung over. Thanks for keeping that in check.
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  7. Marx's Avatar
    @ CM Sizi

    Let's agree to disagree. I don't care if you agree or not, you're second to last comment is completeley unnecessary. Because you choose to express yourself that way, I conclude you're an asshole and I'm not very inclined to reason with you - but still, I live to help the ignorant masses, so I'll reply.

    To me, in the current setup, the WHC is what the Intercontinental Championship was when WWE/WWF had one heavyweight championship belt. Do you claim that Del Rio, Swagger and Ziggler are carrying the company at the moment?

    The workers they are, the age they are - Ambrose & Reigns 27, Rollins 26 - I can't see them not get to that point.

    A Freebird-reference is a honour, so they should be glad you give it. If you don't see a DX/NWO-parallel in the mentality and attitude, you should go see an optician. You're 'established workers' argument is valid, I'll give you that.
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