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    Though I do find your stance on Cena hate to be interesting, that doesn't make it any more myopic than those who wholly hate Cena and no one else. I don't think you necessarily understand what your last statement implies. It's not like Cena haters just got out of bed today or even last year and started hating the guy. This has been happening for YEARS. Are you really suggesting that all the times that they've found Cena to be interesting is because of his opponent rather than what his character lacks or exhibits? Granted, a better main event division COULD help him get over with the haters but it's not a guaranteed solution.

    In short, although I think you've grasped unto somewhat of a legitimate reason as to why Cena lacks appeal to such a large demographic of WWE/wrestling fans, it doesn't help that definitively stating that hating Cena is a problem but blaming more than one talent isn't, that doesn't necessarily come off as an opinion that has utilized a significant amount of foresight to construct in the first place.
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I just hope that TNA is able to stay in business and continue to offer a nationally televised product that provides an alternative to WWE.
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    Great blog, and I agree 100%. I just start to get into a good match, and the next segment is just plain unwatchable. Sad but True.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pagey21
    Tna is just ugly
    Very constructive argument there. However, you're dead wrong. TNA has its downfalls, but when they get it right, they can beat anything anyone else can do. Case in point - the Sabin/Aries/Manik 3 way for the X division title a couple of weeks ago. A masterclass in how to pace a match. Phenomanal action, good storytelling, and a great finish. Tore the house down and showed Raw up for the 3 hour snore-fest it's starting to become. That week it was Cena/Del rio in the main event and a Bray Wyatt promo to finish. I know what I'd prefer to watch.
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    Tna is just ugly
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    Hey really good blog! I almost entirely agree with all your points. I would have added that it seems like there are no real stories or feuds going on at Impact right now.

    Yeah MEM and A&8's are feuding I guess, but there hasn't been much heat there. I also am very confused by the Angle getting taken away in a van yet showing up later in the show thing. There should be some individual feuds going on within the two groups. It looks like they are developing some angle with Roode so that's good but doesn't seem like there is much going on with Aries or Hardy though like you said.

    You also should have mentioned the Knockouts have been on a bit of an upswing. Mickie James delivered a great promo a few weeks ago and the Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell matches were both excellent. They will need some new blood sooner rather than later though.

    Tag teams are also at one of their lowest points in the company. Why should I care about Gunner? He beat up a few guys and then won the tag belts on his return. Alright.....The Bro Mans team could be funny jobbers but we need some real teams so someone looks like a credible threat to those titles especially when Hernandez and Bad Influence are busy in the BFG series.

    Joseph Park was ridiculously over, but we need progression. You can't keep doing the same thing and expect people to cheer. The character doesn't need to be done if they can do something new with it. If they want to start actually trying to solve what's going on with him that would be a decent start, but if it's anything like in the past that one mention will be all we hear of it for 3 months.

    X Division guys need to start having more feuds and not in three way matches. Kenny King and Chris Sabin had the one good confrontation recently but that's about it. Give a reason for me to care about Sonjay Dutt beyond his in ring talent.

    I think cutting the talent that they did was a smart move if they bring in new people and give them a chance for success. Whoever this August1 person is I have some hope that's the new direction the company is taking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin

    Final note – I respectfully disagree with you about this; WWF wasn’t always dominant over WCW. Most would point you to the rating for the MNW, but I am going to point you in a different direction and say look at the roster for both companies in 1993 (honestly through most of the 90’s). WWE and WCW both had their big names and over the top personalities (mixed with many excellent wrestlers) but I’d take a roster with names like Steamboat, Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Brian Pillman, William Regal, Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Barry Windham, and even Mick Foley (seriously, I could continue) any day of the week. WCW might not have known how to properly utilize their talent to their fullest capabilities, but they always had a roster FULL of talent that could put on excellent matches when they were given TV time. Both companies had their silly and poor aspects to them, but I personally lean toward the company that showcases better wrestling matches and less “sport entertainment spectacular events” as the WWE has always seem to be about.
    Thanks for the feedback. I probably should have worded that first paragraph a little better. I was not suggesting that the WWF product was indeed superior to WCW or that it was more popular. In fact, I used to absolutely love WCW up until its last year or so. All I meant by WWE being supreme over WCW was that they ultimately won the Monday Night Wars and were able to stay in business. As I am sure you recall, WCW was picking up steam in the mid 90's and WWF was going through some financial difficulties. Ultimately, WWE remained in business and WCW did not. That's all I meant by saying they were supreme over WCW...probably not the best choice of words looking back.
    On a separate note, you bring up a great point about WCW being full of talent during this time period. One can only wonder if WCW would have better utilized Austin, Taker, Kane, Edge, HHH, Foley and others, if WWF may have actually went under. Perhaps you could write a blog about the "ones that got away" and how it came back to bite WCW. I would be very interested in reading something about that.
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