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  1. Jack Newport's Avatar
    I agree with everything about this card. Very realistic.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I believe that they will have Cesaro lose the US title at Mania probably to Jack Swagger.
  3. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    I respectfully disagree with WWE creative thinking that Wrestlemania is a place where veterans put over younger talent. That's what the IWC wants, not WWE creative (a/k/a Vince McMahon). For example, I think Rey would defeat Cin Cara, and the Undertaker-Punk match will go last, expecially if that is also for the WWE title, and the Cena-Rock match is not a title match. Cena-Rock II could be last if it's a title match, but then the Undertaker-Punk match would be second-to-last. This is a good card, but it would need more matches. The eight man tag match you mention won't happen, they would split that up into multiple matches. Money-in-the-Bank is a stand alone PPV, so that won't be at Wrestlemania.

    I enjoy these prediction blogs. We should take them all (like the one I did a few days ago), and after Wrestlemania see which blogger came closest. He (or she) would get an "atta-boy" (or "atta-girl") from the rest of us. Time will tell.
  4. KingWade's Avatar
    Seems pretty realistic. If as you said the 8 man match was a MITB ladder match, then i would be very happy with this card. Only things i would change would be to make Hell No lose the titles in the build up and have a one on one match. They could be replaced in the tag titles match by Gabriel and Kidd, the Uso's or maybe even make it a standard tag team match and have Rhodes Scholars defend against the New Age Outlaws. Don't know if they could pull off a decent match but the rivalry could be very entertaining in my opinion.
  5. wsm1996's Avatar
    i agree with most of this, the only things i dont want to see are the hhh vs brock match and the ryback vs show match. first the hhh and brock fued wwe has already made it out that its over and we have seen it already its stale, plus it wont help the byrate for wm, and second ryback is doing good with his current push but i would like to see wwe put one of the other belts on him before the world championship dont get me wrong im a big fan of him it just seems too fast, FLASHBACK sort of like goldberg.... too soon for ryback
  6. Heavy's Avatar
    Wow that has to be one of the best post that I have ever read. I think the angles that you talked about and the teams would do awesome for ratings and totally bring up the tag-team division all together. Great job
  7. mikejanson85's Avatar
    i think he should come back as joe henning or curt hennig jr
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