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    Thank goodness you are not working in WWE hiring. They would not make all the correct decisions but they wouldn't be as bad as yours. Abyss doesn't have the WWE body?? Like those fantastic bodies like Kane and Big Show for your monster heels. Same with Samoa Joe.

    I think WWE would put Rob Terry in developmental because he does have a good intensity and physique. Also, Rob Van Dam does not have a stoner "gimmick" he just is a stoner haha.

    I also think WWE wouldn't handle Bully Ray as stupidly as you think they might.
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    Some of these guys left WWE on their own. RVD has said they've contacted him plenty of times, he just doesn't wanna work the schedule anymore. Guys like Roode and Kaz had their shot at WWE and made the decision they didn't wanna work there. Anderson was fired mainly due to Orton saying he's unsafe to work with. Orton's gonna be there forever likely, so Anderson has no chance. I'm sure the WWE would love the Dudleyz and Angle back, and even just for the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, they've all said they have no interest in returning and wanna stay with TNA after their careers over working backstage. Angle, Dudleyz and Sting are NEVER gonna tell Dixie to screw off and leave the company. Those are 4 people who are great friends with her, where as every1 from Foley, Booker T, Steiner, Nash, never had such distinct relationships with her. The ex-WWE guys (minus guys like Morgan), did the business, put in the years, and got paid well for it. Outside of major money issues, they don't need WWE, they're already loaded, and they just wanna work lighter schedules at this point in their careers. Bottom line is more then half the TNA roster have no interest in WWE, where the guys that would want that shot are guys like Daniels, maybe AJ, Joe, etc, but they'd be considered too small, and most don't wanna work with WWE and it's backstage politics. I mean, it can't be news, not every1 likes, nor wants to work or be around Triple H or Vince McMahon. In fact most wrestler's goals are merely solid contracts in Japan.
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    " VKM probably still hates Eric Bischoff. Perhaps he hires Garrett and humiliates him on Raw every week and makes him do degrading things until Garrett finally quits. Same thing goes for Jeff Jarrett."

    i like that idea i was laughing when i saw that. make an another scenario that funny

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    i wouldnt mind a list of like for WWE. Albeit it would have to be a bit longer and more thought out because WWE has more performers. I would look forward to reading it.
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    Honestly TNA doesn't sell like WWE does. Lot of the talent was failed WWE product any way. The only thing I always liked about TNA has been the knockout division. WWE would kill there careers if they had to go WWE. WWE just does not support its diva's well at all. For everyone else tho there are alot of guys in TNA i would love to see in WWE or back but what would WWE do with them is the key. Some I would see going places but some I would see getting let go within the first year. Most of them are over rated tho due to TNA having a small roster. They have to push what they got. Those would not succeed in the WWE.
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    I would have the Sheild be band from the rumble match next week on Raw but then come and attack Undertaker who enteres at 30 and eliminate him,powerbombing him off the stage.Leaving Cena (no21), Ziggler (no1), Orton (no9) and Sheamus (no15) as the last four. Sheamus eliminates Orton only for Orton come back in and eliminate Sheamus. Cena eliminates Ziggler for the win after when AJ accidentally costs Ziggler.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goodomens
    your first blog was a failure. this blog was a failure too. stop making blogs please.
    Really? Why are even here to make that stupid comment?? Give some constructive criticism instead.

    i personally think this blog was OK,but no shield?? They would be the main dominant group until perhaps Ryback comes in and takes them out. And also, Punk being in the rumble BEFORE his match with Rock? That really just makes no sense does it? Maybe if the Rumble was the main event I'd agree but Punk shouldn't be in the rumble then to compete in a match with the rock immediatley after
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