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  1. bazzing32's Avatar
    Good read, everyone hates on cena and i can see why, we all know he works hard especially with the injury he worked through summerslam with and put on a extremely good match.
    I disagree with people who say he cant wrestle because he can, albeit it is the opponent who does make him look good from jericho, michaels, bryan, punk etc. But he is not a bad worker, he certainly has more good matches than bad, his promo work is his strongest field by far.

    I do agree that he should take a step down from the title picture now being a 13 time champion, he should start to become more of an attraction over the next year or two as he is a massive commodity to the product. I would like cena to wrestle more matches like he does against punk and bryan.
  2. marooned's Avatar
    Great read, felt like it was written by me.()spot on, can't agree with you more.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Looking back at this Summer of Punk along with Bryan. Look how both ended with with a MITB cash in both losing the WWE title after defeating Cena. Did that help Punk out not getting his rematch til Survivor Series. Hopefully Bryan wins the belt back at NOC or before Survivor Series so he can have a rematch with Cena. Why Bryan didn't win with the yes, no, whatever lock is beyond me. I mean, his elbow is a tennis ball and it was hurt. Tapping out to that with that injury going into Summerslam wouldn't have hurt Cena. Well at least, in my eyes it wouldn't have.

    I like the blog and agree with most of your points. I just hope WWE doesnt screw this up like they have in the past with Ziggler and Punk winning the big one finally.....just taken right out from under him. Ziggler injury was a problem, but I was ready for his world title run. Sucks the way it ended like it never happened.

    Hopefully they don't screw over Bryan.
  4. Skunk's Avatar
    I wouldn't hate cena so much if all his matches didn't end the same way, if his promos didn't come across as Wwe PR bullshit, if he didn't react the exact same way to whatever situation, promo, whatever he was involved with and if more attention was paid to the undercard (better, more consistent stories, more emphasis on the other titles - because if Cena spends his time either being champion or looking to be champion i need something else to invest in).

    He doesn't even have a gimmick right now. His PR boy scout attitude is his gimmick and it's impossible to take his character or whatever story he's involved in because he's bland he doesn't do much to evolve the feud he's in and then he wins and they immediately move on the next.
  5. The Hipster's Avatar
    Spot on! Cena gets bashed but people love to hate him. Also, many of his matches started with him getting booed then cheered by the end. Cena has carried the company and I totally agree with others having to step up to his game. I like Cena but am not a die hard fan. The ICW creams themselves over guys one week and then turns on them just as fast. Wrestlers need to sustain themselves for years character change or not, Cena has done that.
  6. weems's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by K2Jelly
    Though I do find your stance on Cena hate to be interesting, that doesn't make it any more myopic than those who wholly hate Cena and no one else. I don't think you necessarily understand what your last statement implies. It's not like Cena haters just got out of bed today or even last year and started hating the guy. This has been happening for YEARS. Are you really suggesting that all the times that they've found Cena to be interesting is because of his opponent rather than what his character lacks or exhibits? Granted, a better main event division COULD help him get over with the haters but it's not a guaranteed solution.

    In short, although I think you've grasped unto somewhat of a legitimate reason as to why Cena lacks appeal to such a large demographic of WWE/wrestling fans, it doesn't help that definitively stating that hating Cena is a problem but blaming more than one talent isn't, that doesn't necessarily come off as an opinion that has utilized a significant amount of foresight to construct in the first place.
    Every fan has a right to their opinion and there is nothing wrong with loving or hating Cena. Hate him because he is corny, hate him because he is overexposed or hate him because you opt to cheer for the heels instead of the faces. But don't hate him because of his gimmick. Cena has no reason to change his gimmick b/c the competition has not forced him to yet. Pretend that Hogan, Austin, Rock, Sting, Bret, Goldberg, Savage and Flair were all 35 years old right now. Then, pretend they were all full-time wrestlers on WWE's roster. Cena would be forced to reinvent himself b/c these guys would knock him out of the #1 spot. Unfortunately, Cena continues to do the same routine year after year because he has no reason not to. What incentive is there for Cena to change when he is #1 in popularity and merchandise?
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    This blog was interesting. I'm not sure I agree with why people hate Cena, but I do agree with the lack of any kind of anything at the top of the roster. Cena is just above and beyond everyone in WWE...there's really not even a close second. I get the fans cheer Punk and Bryan and they're just as over right now, but ultimately, Cena is the whole package. Great mic skills, stronger than just about everyone, and every bit as athletic. Punk is better on the mic and more diverse in the ring, but he's not as big or strong. Bryan is better technically, but nowhere near his level in mic skills or size and strength.

    One thing I agree completely with, is The Rock was the only true competition for Cena on all levels. Rock has size, works similarly in the ring, and works the mic better than Cena...possibly better than anyone I've ever seen.

    You're right on with this one. I don't hate Cena. I don't love him either...but I recognize the top man, and the one who carries the company by himself, when I see it.
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