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    From online rumours; The finale of this series is the revelation that Orton and JO JO are dating in real life (and have been for a little while). This is going to serve as main opening for series 2 so Jo Jo will more than likely be involved. Eva will also be involved given the amount of air time they are getting. This show is pretty much supposed to be their big break.
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    I personally like Trinity (Naomi), especially with Jon. They made the show (to me) more enjoyable. Ariane (Cameron) though... Not so much. I can do without her. And while the Bellas may be boring at times, I do enjoy seeing a different side to them as well. Natalya is definitely a favorite of mine though, and I'm glad she's being seen in some sort of way, even if it's through a reality show.
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    Layla is 36? O.O
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    I don't think AJ would work for the show because of her crazy angle. We all know that they are playing characters but with AJ she is playing an extreme character in which she is sorta loony or alot loony depending on who you ask.

    To see her totally sane IMO would not work. The other divas play their certain characters but its not such a drastic change from the way they really are.
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    I agree with what you said. I do want to see more Diva's added for the second season.
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    I agree with keeping The Bellas and Natalya on the show. I've actually enjoyed watching The Bellas on it. We've learnt that Nikky is a bitch while Briana is the nicer one, plus her and Bryan make such a cute couple lol!

    Natalya's like an old woman haha! So old fashioned!

    I agree that the Funkadaktyls are unlikely to return. If one doesn't return then neither will IMO, and I couldn't stand seeing Cameron back on the show, since she is arguably the stupidest woman I've ever come across, and her boyfriend, well, don't get me started, the guy's a complete douche and a tool.

    As far as the 'noobs' go, I can see them keeping Eva Marie on for a second season, but I don't think we'll see Jo-Jo. On that subject, Jo-Jo is incredibly naive from what we've seen too.

    I'd like to see Kaitlyn on the show. I don't think we'll see AJ since she recently cut a promo about not being a total diva and all that, so it would be a bit contradictory of her to be on the show. Kaitlyn though I could definitely see being on it. On of my favorite divas too, so would love to see her on.

    Sara Del Rey would be cool to see too, but I doubt it somehow.
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