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  1. Re-casting Total Divas for a possible Season 2

    Total Divas has proven to be a semi-successful "reality" program that is actually targeting the fanbase of celebrity network E!. They have extended the first season to 14 total episodes, but whether E! decides to renew the show for a second season for next year is still up in the air. If so, here is some changes to the cast that WWE & E! should consider:

    Divas that should

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  2. Speculation on The Beautiful People (Continued)

    I'm back.

    And I know. I didn't want to make a second post about them, but there seemed to be so much that went on in such a short amount of time. I feel that I could jinx it all and a big swerve could happen as soon as I send this, but this all seems pretty unusual. Lauren, Jamie, if some fan happens to lead you here, please disregard and do not respond in any way if you want your motives ...

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  3. Speculation on The Beautiful People

    The most important question asked here is, why did they leave TNA? Despite TNA struggling to become as big as the WWE, TNA still has a show aired weekly on national TV. Although the pay is fair to most of
    their homegeown talent, many of them choose to stay in TNA because they're afraid that the WWE doesn't want them, such as with guys like Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels. Except, no matter ...

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