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    Quote Originally Posted by body slam
    looks like they had to find someone not to give a gut check contract
    I was thinking the same thing. People choke, but he more so strangled himself. They had to have seen him wrestle recently and notice what shape he was in. You don't fall that out of shape that quick.

    Gut Check overall: They've signed 3 or 4 people and we've not seen them since. Yet they didn't sign Joey Ryan(still not sure if it was a storyline at that point) and he's at every GC decision. They already have a lot of unused talent, so to keep signing people that they aren't going to use baffles me.

    Aces and 8's: I think it's went good so far. It wouldn't hurt to reveal 1 or 2 guys who aren't the main players, but I'm fine with them not doing so. I'm just worried the long build up will lead to a dissapointing conclusion.
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    In interesting idea for the Aces & Eights is for them to challenge for all the titles on the same Fight Night and WIN. Obviously a little foul play would be in order, but if you want something big to happen with this group, it can't get any bigger.
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    looks like they had to find someone not to give a gut check contract
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    It looks like their putting Chavo in a tag team with Hernandez which can be really good since they are trying to build the division back up. Daniels and Kaz are really good together, they just don't have any opponents since Shelley left and broke up the tag team, Beer Money and Team 3D are singles stars now. They only other thing I can think of is make the Robbies a tag team or reunite the British Invasion.
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    i think it would be a great idea if bully ray is in it but not as the leader i think the leader should be eric bischoff if they (tna) does like a nwo thing i think a lot of more people will watch tna cause i'm a big fan of the other company but as of now i'm not much into the pg thing i think it sucks if tna wants ratings now is the time for them to do some crazy shit do something like a nwo mixed with a old school ecw shit hell bring paul heyman into it when they get the time the hell with hogan he's not going to do shit for tna by the way i think us as fans we are better then whoever is writing those fucking story line now on day's..........
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    The only way the A & 8's angle could have a BIG payoff is if it were a Paul Heyman led faction with Heyman bringing in a new generation of hardcore Xtreme wrestlers. Heyman did say a couple of years back that he would be interested in joining TNA once they started doing a better job of creating their own stars. Which they have been lately. I would be happy to see JJ involved in this faction as long as he is not the sole leader. Please don't let this be a Russo led faction!
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    I actually had become so sure that it was going to be James Storm (since I know they are planning to push him hard this year especially) that I'm glad it's not him.

    It would be awesome if it was Bully Ray since he's the one drawing the best heat in TNA. No one gets booed as easily plus he's become a very legitimate singles wrestler which I thought would never happen.

    It also makes sense I don't think Aces and Eights have attacked Bully yet. Bully works as a completely different heel from Bobby Roode since even though Bully acts like a coward at the start of his matches going outside of the ropes he's much less of a "do anything to win" wrestler.
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