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  1. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    I was a little disappointed the Jeff got the belt again?! Aries hadn't even hit his stride yet, hopefully this won't last to long. This is actually why I prefer TNA to WWE, it's not always the same 3 guys in the main event for 6 months straight.
  2. johnnyvine's Avatar
    I guess not really knowing who Jessie Goddrez is, means that we are going to see some rather stupid stuff from them.
    I thought it would be someone bigger, but I kinda understand why not.

    If Devon is just another member of Aces&Eights I don't care, he has always been boring to me.
    If he is the leader, again I don't care, but if he a preacher like leader and the Aces are his acolytes it might be interesting.
    RVD winning means nothing to me, he is a BORE too.

    Wish Aries could have kept the title, after all he has basically only defended the belt against Roode, since winning it.
    It would of been nice to see him defend it against some others. but somehow I knew Hardy was going to win.
  3. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    To be fair, the thing with Tara was played off as so over the top as it is it makes sense for it to be someone lame.

    I have never been a Devon fan, but at the same time I wonder if that was because he never really had much of a gimmick to go on (or storyline really) or because he was personally lacking. You never hear Devon on the mic.

    If he is the leader of Aces and Eights this is his one shot to be big time if he pulls it off successfully. I can see it working and I can also see it blowing up in their faces.

    I'm only happy to see Rob Van Dam win the X Division Championship because it used to be that the biggest stars would win it and not just "cruiserweights" who would be jobbers if they faced anyone else in the company. It's what made TNA unique and I'm glad to see they put it back on someone who definitely belongs in the X Division based on his moveset but with a bit more star power.

    Just because someone lacks a title does not mean they will fail as heels by the way. I hoped the world tag team champions of the world would retain but let's see where it goes before judging things so harshly.
  4. Sicksnuff17's Avatar
    I mean agree with almost everything u said like Devon and Ion but Taras BF was such a let down thats like finding out who the killer in "Saw 5" was .. Who the fuck cares
  5. Sicksnuff17's Avatar
    I agree with Taras BF , Who the hell is that guy ? Seriously I don't know, no joke
  6. flamhoff's Avatar
    If they put RVD over Zema Ion I'll be so pissed and letdown, but I bet they do it. They let RVD beat Magnus last month, which accomplished zero and hurt the momentum they were building with Magnus' character. I'm thinking they'll do the same thing here, and book a pointless RVD win over a promising young star who could really benefit from beating a declining legend. I hope TNA proves me wrong, and they do the smart thing with an Ion victory, but somehow I doubt it'll happen.
  7. flamhoff's Avatar
    They might try a split personality thing, like Joseph Park is still a good guy but his dark side Abyss has been taking over and helping out Aces and 8's. So Abyss ends up being the Aces and 8's leader. I think Bully Ray or Sting or even Jarrett are all more likely, but Park would be an interesting way to go, and I think I read somewhere that Abyss is supposed to make an appearance tonight...
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