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  1. cubco's Avatar
    i wrote this before the SmackDown Spoilers were out.
  2. maar13's Avatar
    Personally I would like to see Bryan VS Christian for the belt. But your card looks really cool with the top 3 matches.
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    Jericho will not be back for Wrestlemania. The tournament to see who faces Undertaker's last match is a cool idea. Ultimately it should be Mankind that face Taker for his last match. Christian loosing the belt to Orton sucks.
  4. THUNDER's Avatar
    True.It's not a bad idea,but maybe it's better to stick to the story(I mean not talking about Orton vs Kane).I hope Daniel Bryan wins with Natalya afterwards.Later...I don't really care about the Tag Team Championship so let's say that The Hart Dynasty breaks down and looses.Even though I wouldn't like it Taker's gonna lose because of his real-life injury,but the ending of the match may be something better than Kane winning ordinarily.I think someone is going to interfere and maybe screw both brothers in some way.And finally there've been talkings about Miz's star rising at Bragging Rights,so he'll probably be the only survivor of Team Raw at the end of the match.And in the end I'm puzzled with what might happen.I have 2 versions of what's gonna happen with the WWE championship match.The 1st one is Orton beating Berrett and Cena getting in trouble with Nexus,and the 2nd one is Cena helping Berrett win,than Cena beating Berrett down for all that he did before,Orton wakeing up and RKO-ing Berrett and finally Miz cashing in his contract
  5. CMhuw24's Avatar
    I like the sound of this because it seems at the moment they have three matches to decide, and im guessing this year will be smackdown win one, raw win one, and then its all dramatic for the final.
    AT least with 5 matches youu can have variation

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