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  1. LostOmega's Avatar
    I agree with all of these. I think that Natalya would be used to her fullest potential in TNA (Natalya vs ODB = Awesome!). Alicia Fox to TNA seems a little weird to me but if she shows a more speedy side then it could work. Tessmacher seems to be mostly looks in my opinion, but she is good in the ring. She could be the next Trish Stratus if she plays her cards right, and the WWE is in desperate need of a new Stratus. Every time I've seen Rosita, she was jobbing so I can't really comment on her. SoCalVal would be a great valet or backstage personality. I haven't seen her in a while on Impact so a change might be good for her.
  2. eboy's Avatar
    I actually agree with all of them, Natalya and Alicia would fit in great, Rosita might find it hard to find her feet in WWE, with Rosa Mendes already bringing the latin heat to the table, I think WWE has always fantasised about having Wonderwoman as their WWE champion, hence pushes to people like Chyna (More like the she-hulk, oh don't go there ) Kelly Kelly and Madusa, Tessmacher is perfect for that, she is patriotic, HOT!, and above ALL ELSE a GOOD WRESTLER.

    and really what's the point in commenting "Who Cares?" the whole point of a blog, that is suggesting changes is to try and make people care.
  3. Kendall Ivory's Avatar
    I agree with Natayla to TNA but I think Alicia Fox is good where she's at, SoCal and Rosita would be a great addition to the divas division though.
  4. Deepi's Avatar
    Great blog. I have to disagree though.
  5. Rockstar83's Avatar
    I agree with Natayla, but the others I say no.

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